To fulfill your quest for fresher, brighter skin, it’s important to conscientiously clear dead cells from its surface. And the RMK Skintuner Smoother, $60, does that wonderfully. Besides its exfoliating properties, the pore-minimising moisturiser also contains citrus aurantium peel and bilberry (both of which nourish and strengthen), extracts of apricot and hibiscus (to help hydrate and soften skin), as well as rose fruit extract (to restore your skin’s elasticity). 

This marvellous moisturiser comes in two versions – the Light version boasts a calming scent derived from seven essential oils, including lemon, frankincense and eucalyptus, while the Moist version blends ginger, nutmeg and orange for an uplifting experience. 

Dispense four pumps onto a cotton pad, then apply with circular motions from the centre of your face and gently pat outwards.

Available at RMK counters.