Adam Liaw, winner of Masterchef Australia Season 2 in 2010, is known for his kitchen magic with Asian-inspired dishes. This Penang-born lawyer-turned-celeb chef was in Singapore recently to promote Mission Foods tortillas, and he shared his take on the perfect kaya, according to how his grandmother taught him to make it.

Adam Liaw D

How it tastes

It must be balanced, smooth and not grainy. “You should be able to taste the coconut, pandan, and a slight caramelisation of sugar that offsets the sweetness distinctly. What you should not taste is the egg.”

Making it

“I cook the butter with the sugar before adding them to other ingredients, to caramelise the sugar nicely. For a smooth spread, I stir the kaya mixture continuously and genlty for an hour to dissolve the sugar and to keep the mixture free of bubbles.”


This story was originally published in Simply Her, August 2015.