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WHO SHE IS: Capricorn’s success at work is due to her hard work, sense of humour and amiable personality. SHE’S A GREAT BOSS BECAUSE… She’s highly responsible and doesn’t shrink from her duties. She’ll see each task through to the end, no matter how tough.

WHAT’S NOT SO GREAT:A workaholic, she finds it difficult to relax and can be demanding, expecting her staff to work as hard as she does. She can also be fussy.

HOW TO GET ON HER GOOD SIDE: Be consistent with your behaviour and don’t be petty – it grates on her. If you have an idea you’re excited about, don’t be pushy – she dislikes hard-sell tactics.

WHO SHE IS: Imaginative Aquarius is constantly dreaming up new ideas. She loves being at the top as this means she doesn’t have to answer to anyone.

SHE’S A GREAT BOSS BECAUSE… She’s a great believer in teamwork, and her organised and inventive mind lets her create the success that she envisions.

WHAT’S NOT SO GREAT: She can be fickle, and her moods, erratic.

HOW TO GET ON HER GOOD SIDE: Don’t bore her with administrative details. Those who are uncooperative, stubborn and inflexible will also get on her nerves fast.

WHO SHE IS: Compassionate and sensitive, Pisces is a hard worker and will always do her best in any role she plays.

SHE’S A GREAT BOSS BECAUSE… She has a relaxed management style and likes to maintain harmony. She’s also intuitive and a good listener.

WHAT’S NOT SO GREAT: She gets stressed out easily and her need for reassurance often slows her down.

HOW TO GET ON HER GOOD SIDE: She hates office politics and doesn’t like people who are cunning or manipulative. With her as your boss, being honest and sincere is the way to go.

WHO SHE IS: She’s a tough cookie who’s always prepared to meet challenges head-on.

SHE’S A GREAT BOSS BECAUSE… She’s fair, honest and capable. With her as your boss, you’ll work hard but you’ll laugh a lot too as she has a great sense of humour.

WHAT’S NOT SO GREAT: Her intense drive to succeed means that she sometimes pushes herself too hard and ends up doubting herself.

HOW TO GET ON HER GOOD SIDE: Work fast – nothing annoys her more than someone who does things at a snail’s pace.

WHO SHE IS: What you see is what you get. She’s down-to-earth, tireless and has a good mind for business.

SHE’S A GREAT BOSS BECAUSE… She’s warm and friendly, and looks out for her subordinates.

WHAT’S NOT SO GREAT: She can be stubborn, a stickler for rules and resistant to new ideas.

HOW TO GET ON HER GOOD SIDE: She hates being unsettled, so if you’re making any changes to an existing work system, introduce them slowly so she can get used to the idea first. A sensitive soul, she doesn’t like negative or pessimistic people.

WHO SHE IS: With sociable and witty Gemini as your boss, you’ll never have a dull moment at work.

SHE’S A GREAT BOSS BECAUSE… She’s an excellent manager and communicator. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and at her best she is relaxed and charming, and often makes people feel at ease.

WHAT’S NOT SO GREAT: She’s prone to mood swings and can sometimes be sharp and abrupt with her words.

HOW TO GET ON HER GOOD SIDE: Don’t steal her thunder – while she’s open to ideas, let her make the final decision. She also expects those who have benefited from her generosity to show their appreciation.

WHO SHE IS: Having her as a boss is like having a mother in the office. She’s caring, intuitive and always on hand to give advice.

SHE’S A GREAT BOSS BECAUSE… Observant and shrewd, she reads people like a book and is always willing to lend a listening ear.

WHAT’S NOT SO GREAT: If you’re the independent sort, her maternal instincts and penchant for giving advice may annoy you.

HOW TO GET ON HER GOOD SIDE: Don’t betray her trust in you. She doesn’t forgive easily and once you let her down, it would be very hard for her to give you a second chance. If you say you’re going to get something done, do it.

WHO SHE IS: Often found high up on the corporate ladder, ambitious and intelligent Leo knows what she wants and goes all out to get it.

SHE’S A GREAT BOSS BECAUSE… Your strengths and achievements won’t go unnoticed by Leo. While she may demand the best from you, she’s not stingy with compliments or praise.

WHAT’S NOT SO GREAT: Leo likes to be in charge, which means that she can often be bossy and demanding.

HOW TO GET ON HER GOOD SIDE: It’s best not to do anything that challenges her authority. Since she’s such a driven individual, she doesn’t care for slackers.

WHO SHE IS: Organised to the point of being obsessive-compulsive, Virgo loves spreadsheets and flow charts.

SHE’S A GREAT BOSS BECAUSE… She has a sharp eye for detail and can always be counted on to deliver her projects with a flourish and on schedule (naturally). You won’t ever complain that she doesn’t give clear instructions or that you don’t know what she wants.

WHAT’S NOT SO GREAT: She’s fussy and plays by the book – those with a laid-back attitude might find her too strict. She also doesn’t cope well with surprises.

HOW TO GET ON HER GOOD SIDE: This is a woman who goes about her work with military precision. If you never want to get anywhere in your career, just be sloppy, tardy and disorganised.

WHO SHE IS: Well-groomed and well-spoken, Libra has a natural sense of authority and strives to forge a harmonious working environment.

SHE’S A GREAT BOSS BECAUSE… A diplomatic person, she delivers criticism with tact and always tries to resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner.

WHAT’S NOT SO GREAT: She can sometimes be indecisive and may struggle to keep her work and personal lives separate.

HOW TO GET ON HER GOOD SIDE: Libra is all about maintaining the peace so she dislikes gossip as well as people who are confrontational and judgemental. She might need help to initiate new projects and you can prove yourself indispensable by doing the initial legwork for her.

WHO SHE IS: You’ll either love or hate her. She’s a force of nature, and the word “impossible” doesn’t exist in her vocabulary.

SHE’S A GREAT BOSS BECAUSE… Though she’s a hard taskmaster, you can learn a lot just by watching her in action. She has strong leadership qualities and can be very charming to those she respects.

WHAT’S NOT SO GREAT: Such an intense personality often imposes her will on others without realising it and will not hesitate to involve you in the challenges she faces.

HOW TO GET ON HER GOOD SIDE: Don’t be indecisive or over-sensitive. Gaining her trust and respect may require personal sacrifice on your part, but it’ll be worth it as she admires those who are loyal
and unselfish.

WHO SHE IS: Less intense and rigid than Scorpio and Virgo respectively, she’s a high achiever with a perpetually positive outlook.

SHE’S A GREAT BOSS BECAUSE… Since she likes her freedom, she’ll respect yours too and leave you to do your work if you can prove to her that you’re capable of holding your own.

WHAT’S NOT SO GREAT: She is impatient with routine and mundane details. Her frank and outspoken nature can also make her seem uncaring sometimes.

HOW TO GET ON HER GOOD SIDE: She finds it difficult to deal with needy people and those who require constant supervision. High-strung individuals and drama queens won’t last long in her team.

This article was originally published in Simply Her August 2013.