Modern calligraphy
WHAT: Put pen to paper and create beautiful invitation cards, thank-you notes, and even scrapbook layouts. During the three-hour beginner’s class, Pauline Ibarra, trainer and self-taught calligrapher at Happy Hands Project, will cover the basics of pointed pen calligraphy – the type of calligraphy we use for cursive writing.

She will introduce the different tools, show you how to handle the pen and explain the concept of pointed pen calligraphy. Legibility, consistency and correct letter forms are also covered. At the end of the workshop, you get to take home a curated kit to practise. Classes are kept to a maximum of 12, so each participant can get personalised instruction.

WHERE: Coffeemin, #02-33 Clarke Quay Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street.

WHEN: One to two workshops a month; subscribe to the newsletter at to be notified of upcoming classes.

COST: $140, which includes a tool kit and lunch.

Indoor gardening
WHAT: Don’t have a garden? That shouldn’t stop you from growing your own herbs. At the Singapore Botanic Garden’s High-rise Edible Gardening Made Easy workshop, you will learn to work around the common challenges of indoor gardening, such as limited space and low lighting.

The class focuses on the use of a portable hydroponic system, with demonstrations on how it works, as well as how to prepare and maintain a hydroponic kit. You’ll also learn which plants thrive indoors, be shown how to grow edible plants using a soil-free approach, and discover innovative ways to propagate and display your plants.

WHERE: Singapore Botanic Gardens

WHEN: Oct 17, 10am-1pm. Register at, e-mail, or call 6471-9961/6465-0196.

COST: $50, which includes all materials. No bags will be provided so bring along your own to lug home the materials.

Perfume making
WHAT: In this workshop at Jetaime Singapore, you get to customise your own perfume, as well as learn basic perfumery concepts such as scent descriptors or notes, and the fragrance wheel that categorises a scent’s character (woody, oriental, floral, fresh or citrus, or a mixture).

You first take a test to discover your perfume personality before going on to design three unique sample-sized scents (10ml each), choosing from 400 natural ingredients, from sandalwood to neroli, patchouli, rosewood and musk. Instructor and owner Prachi Saini Garg is on hand to suggest ingredients that match your scent preferences or that help balance out your perfume.

You even get to take away a full-size version of your favourite blend in a 75ml hand-polished crystal bottle. The class is limited to a maximum of five participants.

WHERE: #26-03 The Makena, 125 Meyer Road, tel: 9181-4871. Log on to for more information.

WHEN: Daily; call to check for course availability.

WHAT: An introductory class to letterpress printing and basic typesetting, the three-hour workshop at Typesettingsg teaches the basics of typography, the anatomy of a type and the tools used. It’s a good starting point for those keen to take on their own creative projects like greeting cards, personalised stationery, wedding invites and business cards.

You’ll pick up the craft in stages – from layout to printing – and even get a chance to operate the printing press at the studio. Participants get to keep their creations and as a bonus, they can return to the letterpress studio to make use of the press – just be sure to reserve a slot.

WHERE: Typesettingsg, #02-48, 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace.

WHEN: For course availability, e-mail

COST: $100, which includes all course materials.

This article was originally published in Simply Her October 2015.