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REVIEW: Oppa Chicken

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Stories I like usually involve a plucky heroine taking risks to follow her heart.

And when she makes it despite the odds, it makes you want to cheer. It gives you hope that dreams do come true.

In the case of Oppa Chicken, the heroine is chef-owner Debbie Wu. After working in the food and beverage industry, she went to South Korea, got a chef to train her, and opened a restaurant.

In spite of the alarming number of restaurants shutting down here, Ms Wu is sticking her neck out.

From Oppa Chicken’s decor to the music played to the cheerful Korean greetings as you walk in, it is obvious it is targeted at the young.

The prices of the one-bowl dishes also benefit those with a limited budget. The food is competent and the portions are decent. It’s a nice, hearty, inexpensive place to eat.

My fingers are crossed that she and the restaurant makes it.


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The vivid colour of the Flaming Yangnyum (from $13.90) is inviting, and it smells seductive. The chicken is tender and isn’t as spicy as I feared.

I couldn’t detect the garlic in the Honey Garlic chicken (from $13.90) but it doesn’t take away from the enjoyment. The sweetness of the sauce also works well with the homemade kimchi.

I wish the taste of kimchi is more pronounced in the Kimchi Fried Rice ($6.90, paired with soy garlic chicken) but it’s still tasty.

The Japchae Noodles ($6.90, glass noodles with your choice of chicken) is on the oily side but it is not unpleasant.

I’m not a fan of Oppa Topokki ($6.90) and the sweet and spicy sauce over it doesn’t help. The blandness and hardness of the rice cake needs a hint of acidity. You can choose the heat level of the sauce. We had Level 2 (Normal Spicy).

WHERE 274, South Bridge Road TEL 6221-5217

OPEN Monday to Saturday 11am to 10pm

This story was first published in The New Paper.