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1. Make a shopping list

Write down the groceries you need before you head over to the supermarket. Aim to grab all the items on your list without taking your time browsing the aisles. You’ll find less unnecessary goods making their way into your shopping basket, and you might even eat more healthily since you’re consciously taking note of what you have to buy.


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2. Check your itemised credit card bill

When you receive your credit card bill at the end of the month, go through it item by item to see what you’ve spent on. Treat it as a financial spring-clean of sorts – you may notice a gym membership or cable subscription plan that you’ve stopped utilising.

3. Set the mobile data limit on your phone settings

With only 2 to 4gb of mobile data included in your subscription and countless entertaining baby, cat and dog videos to watch while on your commute, it’s easy to bust your data limit. Set a limit so that mobile data will be turned off when it is reached. If you constantly find yourself running out of data half a month into your plan, maybe it’s time to consider adding a few gb to your existing plan – it’s cheaper to subscribe to a fixed amount of additional data per month, than to pay for the overuse. 


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4. Save your loose change

Pop your coins into a separate pouch or a piggybank at home. It helps curb the need to spend your loose change on that pack of snacks or ice blended drink for the sake of making your wallet lighter. It also makes for a nice surprise when you open the pouch a month or two later to find your next week’s lunch money all covered.

5. Plan your gifts for the year in advance

By doing so, you give yourself more time to source for discounted items instead of overpaying for say, a book for your best friend or a cooking pan for Mum, when their birthday nears. You can also make a list of possible gift items to buy and shop for them during seasonal sales like the Great Singapore Sale, which you know will occur every year.