By Evonne Ng, pinata maker and founder of Owithdoubledots at Etsy.

1 medium-sized cardboard box
Pencil and ruler
1 cable tie
Masking tape
Crepe paper in black, white and orange

1 From the cardboard box, cut out rectangles in these dimensions: 40x28cm (2 pieces), 40x16cm (2 pieces), 20x8cm (1 piece), and 28x16cm (1 piece).
2 For the two 40x28cm and two 40x16cm rectangles: Along one of the shorter ends of each rectangle, make a mark 4cm from the right corner, and another mark 4cm from the left corner. Draw a diagonal line from the right mark to the bottom-right corner of the rectangle, and another diagonal line from the left mark to the bottom-left corner of the rectangle. Trim away the marked segments with a penknife.
3 For the 20x8cm rectangle: Using a pencil, poke two holes in the middle, 2.5cm apart. Thread the cable tie through the holes to make a loop for hanging the pinata.
4 Tape the two 40x28cm and two 40x16cm rectangles together lengthwise, as shown. Tape the 28x16cm piece to the base.
5 Fill the pinata with candy, then seal it with the 20x8cm piece, keeping the loop of the cable tie on the outside.
6 On the front of the pinata, pencil in the penguin’s outline, eyes, nose and feet.
7 Cut out 5cm-wide strips of black and white crepe paper. Make equally spaced cuts, 2.5cm deep, along one length of each strip.
8 Glue the strips one by one onto the pinata, covering it completely. Use the pencil outline as a guide for where to paste the black and white crepe-paper strips. Then cut out the shapes for the eyes (black crepe paper), nose and feet (orange crepe paper) and glue them on. 

This article was originally published in Simply Her December 2014.