Keep your guests happy with a spankin’ clean bathroom just 15 minutes before your party begins. Here’s how:

1) A few large balls of scrunched up newspaper for the mirror

2) A large plastic grocery bag

3) Spray cleaners: glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner, toilet cleaner

4) Two rags (that you are willing to throw away) for each key bathroom feature. For example, toilet bowl, sink, shower, floor.

5) Toilet brush and a rubber-edged wiper (squeegee)

6) A bucketful of cleaner and water mixture. ¾ water, ¼ floor cleaner. – make sure the water is HOT.

1) Start by preparing your bucket of floor cleaner.
How long it should take: 10 secs
Remember, ¾ water, ¼ floor cleaner. The water has to be hot for it to be more effective.

2) While it is filling up, hang a large plastic grocery bag on the doorknob
How long it should take: 10 secs
That’s where ALL your trash goes. It’s at waist level so it’s easier to get rid of rubbish.

3) Then start spraying EVERYTHING.
How long it should take: 5 min
Start by spraying your toilet bowl and AROUND the toilet bowl. Your sink and its fixtures, the shower walls, the glass doors of the shower and then end with your mirror. Just go nuts, no need to be neat here.

4) Your bucket of water should be done now. Put it outside and pick up the rags.
How long it should take: 7 min
It’s time to start wiping down everything. You need one rag for wiping the cleaner off and one rag for drying. Start backwards.
– Wipe the mirror with the newspapers till shiny and new
– Then move on to the glass doors.
– Then the shower walls – use a hard-bristled brush for the corners and grout if necessary. (this will require more time)
– Your sink.
– Your toilet bowl. – Finish this by spraying it with cleaner one more time and flushing it for effect.

5) Dump the gross rags and start on the floor.
How long it should take: 3 min
– Dump your bucket of cleaner onto the floor.
– Use a squeegee to push all the water towards the drain. Any hair and dirt should follow and remain at the drain. Pick it up with a wet paper towel and dump it!
– Hand-dry with a couple of rags and you’ve got yourself a clean bathroom.