Keep busy with these apps, stay fighting fit and get your eating habits right!

1. My Fitness Pal 
Apple | Android

This diary style app keeps track of what you eat, and the exercises you’ve done. It clocks the calories you’ve gained or loss and gives an estimate of how much you might weigh in about a month. There’s also a bar code scanner for snacks etc that you can’t find in the app. It reads the nutritional facts for you.


2. Daily Yoga
Apple | Android

Love yoga? You’ll love this app. It’ll keep you occupied with 15-20min workouts. They have yoga movements that range from weight-loss, arms, waist definition and even workouts you can do before you go to bed.


3. 7 Minute Workout “Seven” with High Intensity Interval Training
Apple | Android

The app follows you through a training programme to help with the HIIT exercise. There are visual aids and countdown timers for each exercise. To keep you motivated, you can win trophies and achievements at different milestones.


4. Plant Nanny
Apple | Android

Instead of boring water reminder apps with charts etc, this uses adorable plants to represent your own water drinking habits. The more water you drink, the more your plants grow!


5. Sweat With Kayla

Instagram fitness star Kayla Itsines has brought her brand of fitness and motivation to an app. Put into a series of 28min workouts with a time table for you to keep in track with your goals, she helps motivates users of the app with weekly progress photos.