For working the core
This balance board will help you stand for longer periods at your standing desk. Its controlled see-saw motion activates your core muscles and trains your balance, while improving circulation. Locating the board’s balance point is easy, so don’t worry about falling off.
Steppie Anti-fatigue Balance Board, $199, from

For active sitting
If you’re not ready to switch to a standing desk, consider this Wobble Stool. It features a 360-degree swivelling saddle seat and a curved, weighted base, enabling you to tilt it in every direction. Your leg and core muscles will be constantly engaged while you’re on the stool – great for burning extra calories!
Wobble Stool, US$199.99 (S$271), from

For fuss-free data backup
Forget bulky external hard drives. The Sony SN-BA64 Back Up SD Card makes it a breeze to back up the files on your computer – simply keep it in your computer’s memory card slot and it’ll automatically make backup copies of your documents in real time.
Sony SN-BA64 Back Up SD Card, $129.90 for 64GB, from Sony stores

For super-effective note taking
This smart pen transforms handwritten notes (written on a special paper) into digital text on your tablet or smartphone, enabling you to search, share and organise your notes via the Livescribe+ mobile app. It also records surrounding audio as you write. Simply tap on a specific word to replay what was being said at the time.
Livescribe 3 Smartpen, US$149.95, from

This article was originally published in Simply Her June 2015.