We’ve compiled this quick alphabetical list for the things that you think you know – or never knew – about sex. Read on and find out:

    One of the biggest sexual differences between men and women is how they get sexually aroused. For men, it’s usually a no-brainer – many even wake up “happy”. With women it’s a more complex process – our sexuality is intricately linked to things like if we feel gassy or if we remembered to shave our legs.
    A waxing appointment where you go all bare in the name of good sex. You’ll enjoy heightened sensitivity without the pubes, not to mention the extra confidence you’ll get when you’re all cleaned up down there.
    A sensitive erogenous zone comprising a small bud-shaped bit of skin at the front of the vagina. Considered the key to a woman’s sexual pleasure, clitoral stimulation may produce an orgasm.
    An object shaped like an erect penis, used as a sexual aid.
    When blood rushes South of the equator and your man rises to the occasion. And we know that common stereotype; that men have only two emotions – Hungry and Horny. If you see him without an erection, fix him a sandwich. If he’s having trouble achieving this rock-hard state, see Viagra.
    Many sexperts believe that a rich fantasy life leads to better sex. And it’s not just the men doing the fantasising; women are having erotic fantasies all of their own. What have you been fantasising about lately?
  • G SPOT
    A hard-to-detect erogenous zone inside the vagina that, when treated right, can create a far more intense orgasm than clitorial stimulation in some women. What’s the difference between the G spot and a golf ball? Answer: A man will spend two hours looking for a golf ball.
    A membrane that partially closes the vagina opening and whose presence is traditionally linked with virginity. However, it can be broken by tampons or certain sports – not just sex.

    In cultures where virginity is prized and often expected by marriage suitors, women undergo an operation to surgically restore their hymen. In China, women can also opt for an artificial hymen. Available in sex shops, they create a physical sensation for the man and emit fake blood when ruptured.

    Can be fun when you’re both hot and steamy. Used correctly, they can heighten the sensations of pleasure. Be creative – think grape popsicles or shaved ice.
  • JOY
    As in The Joy Of Sex by Alex Comfort – a pictorial guide to sexual positions.
    Supposedly written by an Indian sage, it includes descriptions and illustrations of sexual positions, recipes for aphrodisiacs and more.
    If you’ve given birth a few times, chances are you’re going to be rather loose down there. So if you’d like Hubby to feel as snug as a bug in a rug, remember to do your kegel exercises.
    Some luckier women have several mind-blowing orgasms at a time.
    Sex over the lunch hour.
    The peak of sexual excitement, accompanied by involuntary muscle contractions and facial contortions. It releases an explosion of feel-good endorphins, releases tension and can even relieve headaches. As Mae West would say, “an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away.”
    When a man ejaculates too soon or before he wants to. There are lots of reasons, including overexcitement, performance anxiety and inexperience. If it happens regularly, get him to ask his doctor about Priligy, the new drug to curb premature ejaculation.
    As in “whambam- thank-you-ma’am”. A sure-fire way to feel good, fast.
    Can add zing to your sex life. A few suggestions: employee/boss, artist/nude model or professor/student. You have nothing to lose, except your inhibitions!
  • STD
    Stands for sexually transmitted diseases – infections that are passed through sexual contact. The most common include herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis, HIV and warts.
    . . . your man. Sensual massage is a great way to build intimacy and closeness; use some creativity and go places where a professional massage therapist can’t! Don’t forget the oil – rose, ylang-ylang and geranium work well.
    . . . slowly and sensually – it will drive him wild. Stripping for him is like unwrapping a present, and you’re the prize. Complete the look with stockings and a garter. Play some sexy music and light some candles for a flattering light. Then get a straight-backed chair and go for it.
    The blue pill that treats erectile dysfunction – when a man has trouble getting an erection or keeping it up long enough for sex. But do note that Viagra needs a doctor’s prescription.
    Is a term mostly attributed to men, when they have an erotic dream and ejaculate in their sleep. Women are capable of having them too – when they spontaneously orgasm in their sleep.
    Whether it’s erotic fiction or raunchy movies, sometimes you need a little extra something to get your juices flowing.
    A slang designation for a woman who moans or cries out during sex and orgasm.
    Oral sex, especially on a man, performed hurriedly – without removing the pants.

This article was originally published in SimplyHer May 2011.