If you couldn’t be there personally to celebrate this year’s highly acclaimed Woman Of The Year Angelene Chan and Young Woman Achiever Kirsten Tan, we’ve got you covered with our footage highlighting the best moments of the night.

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Throughout the night, we could really feel the dynamic energy circulating the room amidst lively chit-chat and heartwarming reunions between old friends. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that the room was simply brimming with empowering ladies; from former Woman of The Year honorees to accomplished industry guests.



We were floored when both Kirsten Tan and Angelene Chan took the stage to give their individual acceptance speech for their awards. There was literally pin drop silence in the room when the former up-and-coming film-making maverick poured her sentiments into her emotionally stirring speech, perpetuating an atmosphere of congruent respect and admiration from all of us. Angelene played the motherly figure of the two, expressing her passion in nurturing her employees for the posterity and growth of the architectural industry.



The food served was, as usual within Singapore’s prestigious Shangri-La Hotel, nothing short of delectable. As we dug our way through the elegant 5-course display of shrimp cocktails, succulent baked chicken and even vodka-infused sorbets, we were kept entertained by the noteworthy performance by MICapella – Singapore’s first and only a capella band.



The night was truly one to remember. To be honest, it wasn’t one we could exactly forget either; from the spectacular display of gorgeous gowns which left us slack-jawed to the Oscar-worthy #wefie moment that went down on stage. To read more about this year’s Her World Women of the Year gala, click here.