Here's one thing you can do to help Singapore's stray cats

Do your part for our feline friends by attending Cat Welfare Society’s charity dinner.


Last year alone, the Cat Welfare Society handled more than 2,500 cat-related community cases. By mediation, educating the public and sterilization of Singapore’s stray cats, the animal welfare group aims to reach out to a larger group of audience and cultivate more active participation for its cause. This year, its goal is to raise $800,000 to further its mission.

Scotts 27, a private and luxury dining restaurant on Scotts Road, will be hosting a charity dinner titled "Society of Cats" on 30 January 2016 in benefit of the Cat Welfare Society. The amount they hope to achieve from this event is $20,000. Notable guests include Minister K Shanmugam, the CEO of AVA and the Executive Director of SPCA. Tickets are going for $400 per person for a full course dinner with wine. Email to to RSVP.

On the same day, Scotts 27 will also host the ever-popular Purrzaar, which features a selection of popular craft merchants selling creative cat crafts, art, photos and fashion accessories. The Purrzaar starts from 2pm and runs through to 7pm. 

The highlight of the day is the silent auction of Svetlana Petrov's Mona Lisa with her cat at Sazai hall –Temple of Five Hundred Rakan (2014). The painting is valued at $3,200 and donated by Art Porters to the "Society of Cats" charity dinner. Launched into the public eye in 2014, the artist is best known for working with her cat Zarathustra to produce “famous paintings improved by cats”. Bidding commences with the Purrzaar and ends at 10pm. The opening bid is $2,800. Full proceeds will go to the Cat Welfare Society. You can also bid online by sending an email to Online bids end at 6pm. 

If you can’t make it down for either of the events, you can still donate to the Cat Welfare Society by buying their first commemorative book "Society of Cats", of which the dinner is titled after. Launched on 19 December 2015, it is available at major bookstores.