Easy ways to fengshui your workspace for better health, focus, productivity, happiness and stress management

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Hooray for making it through another working week!

But due to only four days of hard slog thanks to the Bank Holiday, was it just us or has it been particularly crazy?

Packing five days worth of work into a shorter time frame can add to stress, madness… and an overflowing desk that you’re likely to return to on Monday where you can’t physically see its surface area.

The truth is, a tidy area does make for a tidy mind, and the look, feel and general ambience of our daily environment can make a large difference to how we perform within our careers. But what to do apart from get more box files and give your cubicle a scrub down with some alcohol swabs?

Let Simply Her’s Resident Feng Shui Master, Clarice Chan, provide you with spooky knowledge on how to overhaul your workspace to bring forth…



* Healthy potted plants in your office can help to uplift your energy and encourage calm. Pictures of the ocean, rivers and nature will also help to improve your mood when you look at them. Having an aquarium in the main office is great for creating peace and abundance.


…better health

* If your job requires that you sit for long hours, it’s important to have good back support for your back. Ensure that your chair is sturdy, with a proper backrest, to prevent you feeling uncomfortable and to avoid health problems.

* When selecting a seat or office it may not always be your choice, but if you can, aim for a desk which is not seated directly under an over-head beam or is facing sharp pillars and corners.


…stronger focus

* Keep your cubicle clutter free and tidy your space for better clarity and concentration. Piles of paperwork, old magazines, brochures and printed mails can create confusion, chaos and drain your energy.



* To improve productivity, adequate lighting is so important in the office. One with dim lights will put you in a passive mood, but on the other hand, if the lighting is overpowering this will cause tired eyes and anxiety.


…less stress

* If you’re in an environment with multiple electronic devices, lessen angst by having some crystals such as clear quartz, green tourmaline or moonstones near your computer. Seated near a window? Hang a small crystal sun catcher nearby for fresh, positive energy.


You’ll be promoted in no time!


For more of Clarice’s work log onto www.claricegvchan.com or email stars@claricegvchan.com