The deli sections in Singapore supermarkets now make it so easy to cook a meal at home. Apart from the usual chilled sausages, patties and steaks, you can now find chicken rolls and stews – pop them into the oven or heat them up in a pan to whip up an easy meal for the family.

The meats are prepared daily and supermarket staff will even teach you how to cook them. LIM TSIAO HUI samples two ready-to-eat meat brands.

There’s a good mix of meats for both family meals and party food. For everyday family meals, there are chicken nuggets, chunky sausages and meat patties. An accompanying brochure gives you cooking instructions for each meat – all of them can be baked, grilled or microwaved.

Ready to eat meats: Lenard's Chicken Roll Honey & Macadamia Ready to eat meats: Lenard's Chicken Spring Roll Oriental

Ready to eat meats: Lenard’s chicken roll honey and macadamia and chicken oriental spring roll

For parties, there’s the Italian Chicken Pinwheel, with chicken mince, sun-dried tomatoes, ricotta and feta rolled in puff pastry, which took just 35 minutes in the oven and looked like gourmet fare. The Chicken Roll Honey & Macadamia, made with a whole chicken butterflied and stuffed, was crisp on the outside.

To add an Asian touch to your party meat platter, there’s the Chicken Spring Roll Oriental – a large spring roll with rice, chicken, bacon and vegetables.

Available at Market Place and selected Cold Storage supermarkets including Bugis Junction, Centrepoint, Takashimaya and Vivocity in Singapore. Prices range from $3.50 for a kebab to $25 for a chicken roll. 

Friends Restaurant and the Catering Group of Companies
All the cooking’s done for you here: the meats are marinated, vacuum-packed and slow-cooked in a sous-vide water bath. All you need to do is remove the meat from the vacuum-packed bag, heat it up for five to 10 minutes in an 180 to 200 deg C oven, or in a pan before serving. The supermarket staff can also cook the meats for you so you take them home in eco-friendly boxes or aluminium foil.

I spotted tantalising and unusual meat choices – Italian Ribeye with Carlsberg Beer, Danish Pork Ribs with Danish Stout, and Black Pepper Jumbo Chicken Leg. The menu of 30-plus meat items changes every now and then; each comes in packs of different sizes. You can also pre-order your favourite item at the counter, pay for it and collect it for your party tomorrow. For dishes that require more intensive cooking like a turducken (a roast turkey stuffed with a duck and a chicken) and a pork crown (a ring of roasted pork ribs with diced apples and herbs), it’s best to order three days in advance. 

Available at Fairprice Finest Scotts Square. Prices start from $4 for a Black Pepper chicken Drumstick.