Signs of ageing show up on everyone and its effects can be exacerbated by gravity. As skin loses its elasticity, the eyebrows and eyelids will start to droop while the cheeks and jaw sag. Skin on the neck, meanwhile, becomes lined and dehydrated, resulting in that dreaded crepey appearance.

While it used to be that a face lift was the only solution, women who prefer less pain and more natural results are now opting for the Dissolvable Thread Lift. Dr Kelvin Chua, founder and medical director of SL Clinic, says: “This is a relatively simple procedure that is designed to revitalise the soft tissues on the face. It targets, in particular, the skin on the cheeks, nasolabialfolds, brows and neck.”

Dissolvable Thread Lift doesn’t just seek to tighten and firm the saggy bits on your face, but the amazing thing is that it does so without scarring. “What’s more, the results continue over time to keep you looking youthful for longer,” adds Dr Chua.

Before the procedure begins, local anesthetic is injected into your skin. A dissolvable thread made of polylactic acid is then woven through your skin. What this does is act on the deeper layers of skin and hasten the body’s own collagen production, which can result in an increase in skin volume and a firmer, smoother complexion.

When the thread, which is made of biodegradable polylactic acid, latches onto surrounding skin, it plumps up, tightens and lifts sagging bits. This can gradually restore natural-looking youthful contours to the face. “It leaves the face completely mobile, which is important for some, especially when you tend to laugh and smile a lot,” says Dr Chua.

A non-surgical approach, Dissolvable Thread Lift supposedly gives results that are visible immediately after it is completed. On top of that, patients may see more obvious results in the following month after collagen is further stimulated. The immediate results are from the threads which are ‘barbed’ and doctors will pull the thread after inserting. Each session lasts about half an hour, and you can resume your regular activities right after. However, do expect some swelling initially.

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