Juice cleanses are currently in vogue, thanks to the numerous health benefits they’re associated with. They’re touted as an easy way to detox and purify your body, and are also said to aid weight loss efforts. However, juice cleanses, which can last anything from a few days to several weeks, usually necessitate that you consume only juices made from fruits and vegetables, in place of solid food – a premise that the foodies among us might find difficult to swallow. Thankfully, The Nutrition Clinic has launched its new 10-day detox programme, Reset, that actually allows you to consume solid food, on top of shakes and supplements.

Pooja Vig, the owner of The Nutrition Clinic, says ordinary juice detoxes are high in sugar, which lead to cravings. They also lack the essential amino acids needed to support the liver. In contrast, you won’t get ravenous with Reset, an easy-to-follow home cleansing programme which Pooja explains is designed to meet all of your nutritional needs.

How does it work? The Reset home kit contains a 10-day supply of everything you will need for a healthy detox. You first start the day with an organic protein shake (which you prepare from sachets) in the morning. You then have a solid meal for lunch, which you can whip up at home following the recipe cards found in the kit – think simple but healthy dishes such as a quinoa chicken burger or a mango and noodle salad. Alternatively, you can choose to have your lunch outside, taking cues from Reset’s Eating Out Guide, which provides pointers such as choosing brown rice and quinoa over foods with gluten. Throughout the day, you’ll consume detoxification supplements, such as probiotics (which aids digestion) and Silymarin (which repairs damaged cells), before enjoying another protein shake for dinner. Do note, however, that you should ease yourself gradually into the programme by taking lighter meals a few days before and after the detox.

If you’re worried about losing steam halfway through the programme, you’ll be glad to hear that The Nutrition Clinic will offer participants one-on-one support via e-mail, text messaging and phone calls. The rewards will be well worth the effort, too – some of the purported health benefits you can expect after 10 days include clearer skin, weight loss, more energy, and improved sleep and digestion.

Reset retails for $480, and can be ordered online at www.thenutritionclinic.com.sg, or collected from The Nutrition Clinic, #04-07 Camden Medical Centre, 1 Orchard Boulevard, tel: 6735-2350.