Baked Apples DTEXT & COORDINATION Lim Tsiao Hui PHOTOGRAPHY Vernon Wong STYLING Ann Neo LES AMIS #02-16 Shaw Centre (6733-2225)

Pommes au Four (Baked Apples)
By Cheryl Koh, pastry chef of the Les Amis Group

4 apples
4 tbsp blueberry jam
A pinch of raw cane sugar
2 tbsp salted butter 
4 sprigs rosemary 

1 Slice 2cm off the tops of four apples. Set aside the tops.
2 Core the apples and place them on a baking dish, then fill each with blueberry jam, a pinch of raw cane sugar and a dab of butter. Cap them with the tops.
3 Place sprigs of rosemary in some of the apples.
4 Bake in an oven preheated to 160 deg C, for 30-40min. Serve warm, uncap and dig in!

TIP Royal Gala or Golden Delicious apples are great for baking as they don’t get mushy.

This story was first published in Simply Her May 2014.