BEYOND YOUR LOOKS “Beauty is not about how you look on the outside but about your character and principles as a person.”

HER MASCARA ROUTINE “I curl my lashes, then use a coat of volumising mascara like 1028 Miracle Extension Mascara. If need be, I repeat the routine.”

FALSIES VERSUS MASCARA “I prefer falsies for work, and like the ones you stick individually to your lash line – they look more natural. On non-work days, I use mascara.”

I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT… “Lip balm. I feel uncomfortable without it.”

HER MAKEUP MUST-DOS “I always do my eyebrows as they look pale and sparse. If I have a zit or look tired, I lightly touch up with concealer.”

HER CURRENT FAVE LOOK “On days where I want to look more trendy, I apply a matte tinted lip gloss in pastel orange or deep red. I use three drops on the upper lip and three on the lower lip, and then smudge it with my fingers for a sheer finish.”

HER FITNESS ROUTINE “I attend a dance class every Tuesday, and a core-strengthening class every Thursday. I also go to the gym with my husband on my days off, and run on the treadmill for 20 minutes, follow by stretching and yoga for another 20 minutes.”

I LOOK MOST BEAUTIFUL WHEN… “I am in a good mood. Recently, I picked up exercise and healthy eating, and my mood has improved and I am less negative about myself.”

This article was originally published in Simply Her February 2015.