Electronics and furniture retailer Courts Singapore has just launched a nifty Smart Rent rental service, which allows Singaporeans and expatriates to rent a wide range of personal and home furnishing items for their homes.

Perfect for homeowners who want to try out different furnishing trends and household equipment, as well as for expatriates residing in Singapore on a short-term basis, the Smart Rent service is both flexible and comprehensive. 

It covers most Courts items including electrical appliances, furniture and IT accessories. For an affordable monthly rental rate, customers can pick a loan period ranging from six months to five years, with full access to customer service and repair throughout that duration.

After the rental period expires, customers can continue with the existing rental arrangement, purchase their rented items at an affordable rate, or return them. 

The returned products will be sold to a second-hand dealer, and the one-month deposit made at the start of loan agreement will be refunded, provided that the returned items are in satisfactory condition.

The minimum rental value for products loaned under the Smart Rent scheme is $1000 for either a single product or a group of items. This excludes fixtures like air conditioners, personal items like bedsheets and accessories below $150 each.

Smart Rent is available to customers at all Courts stores islandwide. For queries on Smart Rent and other credit facilities by Courts, contact the Customer Service hotline at 1800 222 6868 or email SmartRent_Enquiries@Courts.com.sg.