Balloon sculpting and magic tricks are so yesterday. Give your kid’s birthday party guests something to talk about with these mobile entertainers in Singapore.

Cool party entertainers for kids

Make your kid’s birthday party a memorable one with these fun activities. Image: Getty Images

Reggie Wan, Portrait Studio Singapore, Tel: 6734 1127,

Your child’s face is translated into an ink caricature in just six minutes. Guests get to take their A4-sized drawings home in a plastic sleeve.

Ages: No age limit, although kids below three years old may not sit still.
Cost: $200 for the first hour; $150 for each subsequent hour.


Shan Zen Crafts and Art, Tel: 8322 5975,

Kids can put together a scrapbook of their favourite things like family photos or cards, or they can make bookmarks, birthday cards or small photo frames. All art materials are provided but kids can bring along their own stickers or pictures.

Ages: Seven and up.
$15 per child and $25 for transport, for a two-hour session – prices are subject to the location, or if certain art materials need to be specially sourced. Minimum of three and maximum of eight children in a group; you can have several groups at your party.


Interactive Storytelling
Mr Bottle’s Kidsparty, Tel: 6515 5921,

As the storyteller spins his yarn, he’ll invite kids up to act out the roles – they can pretend to be a prince or princess, complete with costumes and props.
Another option is storyboarding, where kids are given a story sequence on storyboards and they decide how the story ends with their own drawings (art supplies provided), or they tell the story in their own words based on the pictures.

Ages: Four and up.
Cost: $250 for 30 minutes. No limit to group size.


Wacky Science Experiments
Mad Science Singapore, Tel: 6525 6138,

Budding scientists get to conduct simple experiments like making slime, or be paleontologists by digging for Tyrannosaurus rex’s bones and making a cast of its tooth. Choose from six themes catering to different age ranges. Your home should be able to fit 15 children in one room.

Ages: Three to 12.
Cost: $480 to $560 for an hour, depending on the theme, for a minimum of 15 children; $18 for each extra child. Maximum group size is 50.


Mobile Bar
Drinkdings, Tel: 6284 4727,

At this mobile mocktail workshop, your kids can learn the difference between drinks like Pussyfoot and Governor’s Smile. Learn which fruits go best with which soda, or what equipment to use – like a bar spoon to stir the drink and a muddler to mash the fruits to release their flavour. 

Ages: Six and up.
Cost: $40 per parent-child pair for two hours, maximum of 15 pairs.


Ice-cream Making
Tom’s Palette, Tel: 6296 5239,

Everything, from ingredients to dry ice and an ice cream chef, is provided to help parents and their children learn how to whip up two flavours – Nutella and mango cheesecake.

Ages: Seven to 12, for an ice cream-making session
Cost: The ice cream-making session costs $30 per child for two hours, for a minimum of 10 and maximum of 25 children.

This article was originally published in Simply Her Mar 2012.