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If you’re hosting parties during the festive period, or attending gatherings with a potluck element, this cocktail recipe might come in handy.

Created by Red Tail Bar, the Seaside Jamming cocktail is one of their bestsellers. This cocktails packs in only about 191 calories because the sugar content is lower.

Caryn Cheah, F&B manager of Red Tail Bar says, “Instead of using ready-made coconut syrup, we use syrup reduced from coconut water so it’s not artificially sweetened. There’s also a dose of lemon juice so you get vitamin c.”

Here’s the recipe for Seaside Jamming:


  • 45ml pisco (brandy)
  • 5ml peach liqueur
  • 20ml lemon juice
  • 15ml coconut syrup


  • Shake all ingredients with ice and strain over fresh cubes of ice in a glass.
  • Red Tail Bar serves this drink in a small recycled bottle with a glass of ice on the side.

Too lazy to make it at home? Head down to the bar situated at Clarke Quay to try this tropical themed drink instead. Either way, remember moderation is important no matter how few the calories!


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