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Warehouse deals are hard to come by, so when we found this place, we just had to share it with you guys. 

Heng Yak Henry Christmas Wholesaler Jing Yuan (Sin & Cn) Trading (what a mouthful!) has all your Christmas needs at pocket-friendly prices. Not to mention, you get a free dose of Christmas cheer. Really! You can’t step out of this Christmas warehouse without some festive feels. It only opens from October to December every year. 

Check it out:

The bright, red brick wall beckons even the coldest Grinch into the store.

Inside, you’re hit by a cool blast of airconditioning and cheery Christmas music and completely overwhelmed by the spirit of consumerism (I mean Christmas).

LOOK AT THAT CEILING. Better avoid this place if you’re tall cause you’re gonna come away covered in tinsel and glitter.

Baskets upon baskets of ornaments, decorative figures go for less than $10. Along the floors you find sparklers, spray cans full of snow, and of course lights. Lights everywhere.

Trees are all for sale, and they’re pretty reasonably priced. A small, 4ft treet starts at $25.

Balls. An endless supply or ball ornaments. No matter how many break, you can keep coming back here for more.

For the unconventional set up, get their furry polar bear or penguin ornaments. 

Who can forget Christmas crackers! The best part of any Christmas dinner. Going for just $15.

But the best display is the snowy diorama at the entrance of the store. 

Even if you’re not looking to purchase anything, come in for the atmosphere. It is absoultely beautiful.

Visit them at 734 Geylang Road S(389645)