best chicken wing

Photograph: / Sergii Koval


1 For Crispy with a Kick

Upon first bite, The Finder team discovered a crunch level at Relish by Wild Rocket that truly impressed. The wings’ unassuming chicken-rice chilli dipping sauce added a just- right dose of tartness and heat ($12.80 for six wings). (501 Bukit Timah Rd, #02-01, Cluny Court, 

2 For an Indonesian Smash

At Ayam Penyet Ria, the sayap penyet, or “smashed” chicken ($6.50 for three pieces), is marinated with a spice mix that includes turmeric and coriander, before being lightly pounded and deep-fried. The wings are served alongside spicy sambal, tempeh (fermented soybean patty), greens and addictive kremes (crumbs from the fried batter). As far as “cheat” meals go, this one is worth every calorie. ( for locations) 

3 For Español Eats 

You love your wings fried, and the missus likes hers grilled. Date-night solution: Don Quijote, which cooks up wings both ways. Each serving ($10 for six) comes with a zesty garlic and chilli sauce for double the happiness. Known for its robust tapas selection, this Cervantes-inspired restaurant also does a mean weekend brunch. (Blk 7 Dempsey Rd, #01-02, 


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4 For Masochists Only

Only The Finder staff would be silly enough to attempt Handlebar’s wings, which were clearly made in hell. The biker bar serves six heat levels: Low, Medium, High ($12 for five wings), Sudden Death ($16 for five wings), Ultra Death ($18 for five wings) and Beyond Death ($20 for five wings). Tabasco-y tasting Low and Medium are manageable – and worth the trip to far Sembawang (note: There’s a new location at Gillman Barracks). However, even chilli fiends will be fazed by the blood-red sauce that smothers the Sudden Death wings and above. Laugh at our pain here: hot-wings-competition. ( for locations) 

5 For Chicken and Cocktails

Sure, the tipples at No. 5 Emerald Hill Cocktail Bar are great but it’s the Cantonese-style wings that keep patrons coming back for more. Each piece is marinated with a fragrant mix of har cheong gai (prawn paste) and Chinese wine before being deep- fried. They’re moist, juicy and crisp. If you’re thinking of ordering the largest serving ($18 for 12), bring along a friend or two so there are no snack-ccidents. (5 Emerald Hill Rd, 

6 For Asian KFC

That would be Korean fried chicken. Seasoned for 12 hours and double- fried to seal in the flavour, Chicken Up’s wings come in two authentic styles: Ganjang Chicken ($12 for four wings), which are smothered in a special soya sauce blend, and Yangnyum ($12 for four wings), coated with a Korean-style sweet chilli sauce. Quench your thirst with a home-brewed fruit-infused Soju or the popular Bingsu (shaved ice) dessert. ( for locations) 


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7 For SG Grub

Elsewhere in the world, wings are customary bar food. But on the Red Dot, they’re a common street snack – no booze required. Chomp down on some of our favourites at the East Coast’s Teddy Bear BBQ Chicken Wings. Just look for the stall that’s stacked with rotating skewers of well-oiled, barbecued wings ($1.40 per piece, $4.20 for 3 pieces). Each bite of tender meat and crackling skin is pure satisfaction. We’re drooling already. (1220 East Coast Pkwy, East Coast Lagoon Food Village, #01-44) 

8 For a Sweet Spot 

Often, what makes a wing dish superb is the accompanying sauce. Not at adorable Lola’s Cafe. Instead, its lightly battered Honey Paprika Wings ($10 for eight) are sprinkled with mild paprika powder and complemented with simple lashings of honey. It’s a winner-winner chicken dinner. (5 Simon Rd, 

9 For Lazy Days

Kick off your Sunday Netflix marathon by giving Wingstop a call to order any of its 11 flavours for doorstep delivery. Bestsellers include the tangy Lemon Pepper, the Louisiana Rub with punchy cayenne pepper and the Garlic Parmesan (from $7.43 for six pieces). Alternately, Wing Zone lets you transfer its 13 flavours and rub just about anything on the menu, whether it’s a burger, chicken tenders or fries (from $7.95 for six pieces). (, for locations) 


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