$1,499, from Ergozones

WHAT’S ADJUSTABLE Seat height and depth, armrest height and position, lumbar support and tilt tension. Upholstery fabric is customisable.

SEAT The padding is thick and firm, which most testers found comfortable. We liked that the seat depth could be adjusted easily while we were sitting on the chair. We could also move the rubberised armrests forwards or backwards, and they were the most comfortable in the lineup.

BACK REST Like the seat, the backrest isn’t plush but gave solid support. All testers found that the backrest fitted well, although one tester found it too hard – it left her with an aching upper back at the end of the day. The chair rocked a little while the tilt of the backrest let us lean back comfortably, whether we were typing or resting. 

VERDICT A firm but comfortable chair that gives extremely good back and butt support. It was also the easiest to adjust.

SCORE 8.5/10

$394.83, from Comfort Design

WHAT’S ADJUSTABLE Seat height, armrest height, lumbar support, headrest tilt and height.

SEAT The padding is thinner than that of the more expensive makes, but it is moderately cushy. The fabric is a tad rough and scratchy, but unless you are wearing a short dress or skirt, you’re unlikely to be bothered by it.

BACK REST The “springy” backrest is the highlight – all testers liked how it tilted back to a comfortable angle when we leaned backwards, letting us sit in a slightly inclined position when typing, and even to rock a little when we were feeling stiff. The height-adjustable curve of the chair moulded to the back well – everyone found it comfortable. Extra points for its high back and headrest.

VERDICT A unanimous favourite with a pocket-friendly price tag.

SCORE 8/10

$999, from Ergoworks

WHAT’S ADJUSTABLE Seat height and depth, armrest height, backrest cushion position and tilt tension, and headrest tilt and height.

SEAT It has the widest and softest seat, which most testers liked. Only one tester preferred a more compact fit.

BACK REST A pair of rectangular cushions with rounded corners enveloped our backs comfortably, but some testers would have liked more fitted support for the lower back. The position and the height of the cushions are adjustable, but it took some effort to press and lift the contraption. Its advantage, however, is its springy tilt and headrest which. when combined, makes it great for leaning back and taking a breather.

VERDICT A cushy chair with a unique backrest that cocoons the entire back snugly.

SCORE 7.5/10

$750, from Ergozones

WHAT’S ADJUSTABLE Seat height and depth, armrest height, lumbar support and tilt tension. Upholstery fabric is customisable.

SEAT The padding is thin but firm while the width of the compact seat fitted all testers nicely. Seat depth is adjustable, catering to testers of different heights.

BACK REST The height-adjustable curve of the back rest moulded to the lower back well and gave the necessary support. But the tilt of the chair was less well-received – although the tension was adjustable, some testers could not find a perfect angle. Apart from that, it gave a fairly good sitting experience and no one felt uncomfortable by the end of the day. Both the Hag chairs tested had legs that extend outwards more than the others – some found this obstructive, but others liked that they could rest their feet on them.

VERDICT A fairly comfortable chair that ticked most of the right boxes.

SCORE 7.5/10

This article was originally published in Simply Her January 2015.

All product and pricing information was correct at the time of the magazine’s publication. We advise readers to check with the stores for the latest availability and pricing information.