Pauline Ng
28, managing director and founder of Porcelain, The Face Spa
Helping customers to get more beautiful skin through facial treatments eventually led Pauline to roll out the spa’s own paraben- and fragrance-free skincare, which is also non-comedogenic. The extra-lightweight products cater especially to the needs of South-east Asian women.

Her Beauty Tip 

Think moisture. “Make moisturising key to every step of your skincare regime. At night, cleanse first with a milk-based cleanser to remove makeup, then with a hydrating cleanser. Exfoliate every week using non-bead exfoliators – these dissolve and remove dead skin cells without drying out the skin. Shield against UV damage with a lightweight and oil-free sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum protection and sheer coverage. And find a reliable and well-trained skincare provider – you need different solutions at different stages of your life as your skin is constantly changing.”


Cheryl Ou
32, co-founder of The Nail Social
This nail parlour offers manicure, pedicure and foot reflexology services as well as fair-trade retail, and uses non-toxic, eco-friendly and cruelty-free products. It also trains and hires underprivileged local women to help them achieve self-sufficiency.

Her Beauty Tip
Don’t neglect your nails. “Use non-toxic nail polishes. Look for those that are ‘three-free’, which means they do not contain toluene, dibutyl phthalate or formaldehyde. These harsh chemicals are not only bad for the environment but also cause your nails to become brittle. Invest in a good cuticle oil – it repairs damage and deeply moisturises the cuticles and skin around the nails. Apply it daily to increase circulation in the nail bed for healthy nail growth, as well as to help your nails maintain flexibility and strengthen them against splits or cracks.”


Dr Low Chai Ling
40, medical director, The Sloane Clinic
Set up in 2003, The Sloane Clinic offers an extensive menu of aesthetic treatments for the skin, face, hair and body.

Her Beauty Tip 

Take extra care of the eye area. “Don’t wait for fine lines to appear. Start early, start young, and start small – even if it’s with only one good skincare habit. That’s better than too late, too much. The skin around our eyes is thinner, so the signs of ageing will show up more readily there. “In the day, wear sunglasses if you’re outdoors. At night, use an eye cream to fend off dehydration. Avoid spending long hours on your electronic devices as squinting at the screen may worsen crow’s feet. And where there are no topical solutions, try scientific options, including fractional laser technology (to erase acne scars) and Botox (to slim down a broad face).”


Jessie Wong
51, director, Poetree
Poetree started online in 2011, and Jessica opened a store in mid-2014. It is an exclusive distributor of Une Olive en Provence, a range of skincare and body-care products that harnesses the healing and regenerative benefits of the olive tree.


Her Beauty Tip 
Be gentle on your skin. “Whether it’s due to lack of sleep, extended hours in an air-conditioned office, or excessive chemical treatments, more women now suffer from sensitised skin. Switch to gentler formulas to help maintain the skin’s natural pH balance, which protects against inflammation and irritation. Don’t just focus on moisturiser; your face wash shouldn’t contain aggressive ingredients that strip away the skin’s natural oils, leaving it even more parched.”


Mah Mei Hui
43, managing director and pharmacist, The Skin Pharmacy
The products at this home-grown pharmacy-based store cater to individual skin conditions in Singapore’s hot and humid climate. They are free of harmful substances such as parabens, alcohol and artificial preservatives.

Her Beauty Tip 
Treat adult acne quickly. “More women are struggling with adult acne, which is mostly caused by hormonal fluctuations and worsened by pore-clogging cosmetics. Stop using makeup for now; switch to ingredients that help reduce sebum production, clear out pores and destroy acne-causing bacteria. Do not pop the pimples – unlike acne, which can be treated effectively, scars remain for a very long time.”


Dr Lim Luping (left) and Dr Grace Ling
both 46, co-founders of Dermagold
The two doctors are childhood friends. When they couldn’t find skincare to suit their needs, they decided to create their own brand in 2003. Dermagold products marry plant-derived ingredients like aloe vera pulp with scientific bioactives for effective results, and are gentle on the skin too. 

Dr Ling’s Beauty Tip
Pick lightweight formulations. “Water-based formulas help to lock in moisture and can be layered one over another without clogging pores. This is especially crucial for anti-ageing products, which tend to be richer and denser. Start with a serum that’s fortified with hyaluronic acid. Include a treatment product for added nourishment and to speed up skin-cell renewal, which will help maximise the results of your skincare.”

Dr Lim’s Beauty Tip 
Never leave home without sunscreen. “Pigmentation can be made worse by sun exposure. That’s why good sun protection is a must. To boost the results, include an anti-pigmentation product that helps to brighten your skin tone too.”


This article was first published in Simply Her August 2015.