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Try this new Mercedes Benz fragrance for women

Can't afford the car? Perhaps this lovely scent by the brand will come close.

Made for the woman who “throws herself into life” – the scent is all about looking life straight in the eye and being confident.   

The clean-cut design of the bottle doesn’t turn heads – although the signature Mercedes-Benz star sits atop the metal cap – but it was the fragrance’s lovely pink hue that persuaded me to give it a chance.  

My verdict: I love the sparkling scent. The zesty notes of blackcurrant and grapefruit are softened by elegant rosewood, with magnolia lending a slightly sweet tint. After a morning meeting followed by lunch at a hawker centre, the scent faded slightly. However, the base notes of cedar wood and amber then became more distinct. I’d wear this right through the day, with a top-up spritz for a dinner date with Hubby.  

Mercedes-Benz Rose EDT is available for $69 (30ml) at Sasa stores.