You have…
Undefined Lip Contours

How To Define Your Lip Contours

Step 1: Brush or dab a very small amount of foundation at the lip corners. Larry says: “To avoid product overload, use the remaining foundation left on your makeup brush or sponge.” Then, use a lip pencil to outline the lips.


Step 2: Fill in the four lip corners with a lip pencil. 

Step 3: Apply lipstick.



You have…
Discoloured Lips and Indistinct Liplines

How To Balance Your Lip Shape


Step 1: On the upper left corner of your lip, draw inside the natural lipline. On the upper right lipline and the lower lip, draw just outside the natural lipline. 


Step 2: Apply lipstick.


You have…
A Thin Upper Lip and Fuller Lower Lip

How To Make Your Lips Look Fuller

Step 1: Using a lip pencil, draw a new lipline just above your natural upper lipline, and right at the lower lipline. 


Step 2: Brush concealer at the lip corners to further define the lip shape.


Step 3: Apply lipstick.


(Photography Winston Chuang Makeup Larry Yeo, using Marc Jacobs Beauty)

This article was adapted from Simply Her February 2016.