Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber De-tox De-puffing Eye-cubes, $50, packs eye-soothing ingredients such as cucumber extract, aloe vera and camomile into a handy “ice-cube” that you can place over your eyes to keep them comforted and nourished. Massage one frozen cube over both eyes.            

Available at Sephora stores in Singapore.

Karin Herzog Eye Cream, $85 (15ml), offers active oxygen to boost hydration and speed up collagen production. Combined with a multi-vitamin complex, it can help improve elasticity for a smoother, suppler appearance around the eyes. Apply a thin layer using a brush, which helps release the oxygen directly into the skin.

Available at Haute Swiss Cosmetics in Singapore.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Awakening Eye Balm, $48 (15ml), targets the Aquaporin 3 and 9 genes that enhance water circulation in skin cells, thanks to the brand’s Thermal Spa Water. The bluish liquid gel also contains a trio of sugars that impedes moisture loss and plumps up skin.  

Available at Derma Centre, and Watsons, Guardian and Unity stores in Singapore.