Beauty Is About…
“Being comfortable with yourself, making the most of what you have and letting your confidence shine through. Having a positive attitude helps you look beautiful. But you also can’t be lazy about your skincare regime and hope to get away with it.”

Her Biggest Beauty Faux Pas.
“In my teens I overplucked my eyebrows into terrible arches. Cringe. Now I adore thick natural brows.”

A Few Wrinkles Are Nothing.
“Age is a compound of our life experiences and it’s a beautiful thing. We are not going to be 20 forever – it’s okay to have a few wrinkles to show for it. I believe though,that we can take care of ourselves so that we age gracefully and most importantly, in a healthy way.”

She Stocks Up On…
“Cleansing oil and eye makeup remover. I go through these like water.”

She May Not Look It But…
“I am a serious skincare junkie! I really enjoy buying and trying new products. I also follow a strict regime where I do the complete drill: cleanse, tone, prep, treat, moisturise and apply sunscreen diligently.”

Her Skincare Tips.
“I use antioxidant-filled creams in the day, and retinol at night. I have a whole range of serums, and I use the ones my skin needs that day. When I’m filming, I use a sheet mask every night. I also run — there is nothing like a cardio workout to get your skin glowing.” 

To Add Glamour To Her Look…
“I like red lipstick, I am a sucker for that old-Hollywood glamour look. L’Oreal Paris Color Riche in R518 Flaming Kiss has a really nice colour and matte finish.”

She Goes For Regular Steaming Hair Treatments.
“They really soften my hair.” 

She Loves Perfumes.
“I have over 200 bottles. I just adore the way a smell can bring back a memory or a sensation – although there are certain perfumes that are almost too painful for me to wear. The sense of smell is highly underrated. Chanel  No.19 has a special place in my heart, always.”

This article was originally published in Simply Her May 2014.