4 tips to wear makeup while you exercise


PHOTOGRAPH: Shao-Chun Wang, 123rf.com


If you’re reluctant about giving up your beauty regime during your workout sessions, you’re not alone. Olympic track and field star Jessica Ennis once revealed to Daily Mail that she always wears a face full of makeup whenever she competes. Her reason? Knowing that she looks good makes her feel more confident. Indeed, we can’t argue with the fact that wearing makeup does play a part in boosting our confidence, and that shouldn’t be compromised while we are exercising. Although the combination of makeup and excessive sweating doesn’t seem like such a good idea, here’s what you can do to minimise the damage on your skin.


1. Do your prep work

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, wash your face with an oil-free cleanser before exercising. This is to abolish any bacteria that might be tempted to invade your open pores during the workout.


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2. Keep it minimal

Rule out any thick or cakey foundations as they block sweat and sebum from leaving the skin, which can lead to blackheads and breakouts. Opt for mineral makeup that is less likely to clog pores.


3. Head straight for the basics

Focus only on your eyebrows and lips. This helps you attain that effortless polished look, without much of a hassle.


4. Clean it off

Remove your makeup thoroughly as soon as you’re done with your workout with a mild and effective cleanser.