3 tips to keep your skin clear during your period



When you’re on your period, the  complexion can get a little oilier than usual. Sometimes a pesky pimple or two makes an appearance, too.


• Keep Calm & Prep Skin 

Instead of feeling self-conscious, the most important thing you can do, says makeup artist Larry Yeo, is not to get stressed by these changes. Simply wick away the extra oil and hydrate to saturate your skin with antioxidants. 

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• Go Makeup-free 

Makeup artist Emma Haddock suggests going without makeup for a few days to give the skin a break. And use oil-free or mattifying products that help control excess sebum production to keep skin shine-free and feeling fresh. 

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• Conceal Blemishes

Start with a pencil concealer, then follow with a cream concealer applied with a concealer brush, says makeup artist Peter Khor. He adds: “If you can’t find a concealer that matches your skin completely, use two shades.” First, apply a concealer in a tone lighter than your natural skin colour and then, dab on another that’s a tone darker, and blend well.  

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3 tips to keep your skin clear during your period(From left to right)

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