Lighter lipstick shades make you look younger.

Thin lips are an indicator of age. To make your lips look thicker, opt for lighter lip colours; darker shades tend to make your lips look thinner.

Skip bold colours like chilli red, burgundy and browns, and reach for rosy reds, pinks or flesh colours.


Fuller brows in a lighter colour add a feminine touch. 


Choosing the right colour to fill in your brows is key to a youthful look, says makeup artist Larry Yeo.

Texture Achieve a more natural effect by filling in brows with a powder. Pencil or liquid brow fillers create a finish that’s slightly more intense.

But with the right technique, they can give your brows a soft, powdery look, too. Or opt for gel brow liners – they coat each brow strand to create more definition on fine brows.

Colour Choose a taupe shade, advises Larry. It’s best to get a brow kit with at least two tones so you can blend as required.

Use a darker shade where there is more hair, and vice versa.

Technique Starting from your brow arch, draw light wispy strokes in the gaps between your eyebrow hairs.

Your hand should move outward to the temple, then in towards your nose bridge.


Photography Wong Wei Liang Art Direction Sherry Leung Beauty Direction Simone Wu Hair Alvin Foh, using Loretta Makeup Larry Yeo & Jud Tham, using L’Oreal Paris Model Margaret White/Upfront

This article was originally published in Simply Her February 2012.