Ever wondered what are your true colours when it comes to your spiritual energy? Aura reading can supposedly give you a picture of your emotional, mental and physical well-being. The Simply Her team went for a session; here’s what we found out.

Aura video stationThere are seven energy centres, or chakras, in your aura – base (at the end of the spine), navel (below the navel), solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye (between the eyes), and crown (top of the head). Reading these will help you understand which aspect of your life needs to be improved.

At The Auramatherapy Shop at Siglap Centre, which conducts aura readings, the store’s director, Selina Seah, uses a machine – called an aura video station – to read your aura.

All you have to do is place your hand on a sensor for five minutes. Apart from identifying a core colour, which denotes your basic personality, the results give you readings on each of your chakras. By analysing the results, Selina can give you insights into your spiritual well-being, your personality, as well as how your experiences have affected you and how these experiences will mould your future.

A detailed aura reading and analysis costs $48. Sessions are by appointment only. The Auramatherapy Shop also sells pure essential oils ($18 to $38), crystals and gemstones (from $10), and dried herbs such as cedar, white and blue sage, and thyme.

The Simply Her team went for an aura reading session and this is what they uncovered about themselves:

Core colour: Green with tinges of blue
Personality traits: Sociable, caring, nurturing, peace-loving
“These are definitely character traits of mine. My throat chakra is also very high, which means I love to talk. How true! Selina said I tend to give a lot emotionally, whether it’s to friends, family, lovers or even strangers, even when I can’t. She said I need to tone this aspect of my personality down a little so as to avoid getting hurt.” – Azlinda Said, senior features writer

Indigo full body auraCore colour: Indigo-blue with tinges of green
Personality traits: Calm, loyal, helpful, loving
“I was initially skeptical and surprised because I never saw myself as being particularly generous. But it struck a chord when Selina told me that I would never turn down a friend in need, even in the wee hours of the morning. I was reminded of a recent incident when a friend woke me up at 2am to talk about a relationship problem and I heard him out. Selina advised me to adopt a more “me first” attitude, as my aura has apparently become drained from all that giving.” – Rachel Xie, beauty writer

Yellow full body auraCore colour: Green-yellow
Personality traits: Sociable, communicative, logical, playful
“Selina said I’m someone who needs to pack my day with constructive activities. I agree with this observation. Sometimes, I even feel that sleeping is a waste of time, so I can’t rest efficiently – no wonder Selina said I should try to sleep more! She also said that my third eye chakra is very high, meaning that I’m intuitive and I tend to go with my gut feel. That’s quite true – I am extremely emotional and I don’t hold back my feelings and opinions.” – Simone Wu, beauty editor

Blue full body auraCore colour: Blue
Personality: Nurturing, sensitive, loyal, desire to be of service
“I’m not sure I agree wholeheartedly with the results, but it uncovered some truths about myself that I had only subconsciously known and never acknowledged. Selina said I am sometimes so emotional that I feel worthless or become overly sensitive. She advised me to learn to appreciate my own quiet company as a means to recharge and develop self-love.” – Cheryl Leong, features writer

The Auramatherapy Shop, 55 Siglap Road, #02-21 Siglap Centre, tel: 6449-9959. Open from Monday to Sunday, 11am-8pm.