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1. Don’t wear your contact lenses overnight

When you wear contact lenses, less oxygen reaches your corneas, which puts you at higher risk of common eye infections like microbial keratitis.

2. Change your contact lens case regularly

Bacteria can accumulate both on the lenses and cases, so ideally you should change them as often as every month or three.

3. Keep your hands away from your eyes

Rubbing your eyes transfers any bacteria that you may have picked up from surfaces you’ve touched from your hands to your eyes. So it is important to maintain good hand hygiene too.

4. Replace your eye makeup regularly

Products like eyeliners and mascaras can be a breeding ground for bacteria, so it’s good to get them changed every three to six months even if you haven’t finished using them.

5. Don’t use water to wash your contact lenses or contact lens case

Tap water can carry a microscopic organism called Acanthamoeba that can cause serious eye infections. Contact lenses can also trap water, making them “swell” and affecting how they fit onto your eyes.

6. Don’t reuse your contact lens solution

Solution that has left the bottle is no longer sterile, so you shouldn’t be soaking your contact lenses in the solution left over in your case again and again.

7. Wash your glasses regularly

Spectacles come into close contact with your eyes so you should care for them like how you care for your contact lenses. Wash them carefully with a mild soap, rubbing the lenses with your fingertips in a circular motion before rinsing off the soap with warm water. Wash the spectacles frame and the nose pads too.

8. Don’t wear your contact lenses when you go swimming

As with tap water, the pool water is a prime breeding ground for bacteria. Chlorine present in the water also irritates your eyes if it comes into contact with them.

9. Don’t share towels, linen or pillows

These items come into close contact with your eyes, so it’s best not to share them with others.