9 snacks to munch on

Photograph: 123rf.com / David Pimborough


Now that Singapore will be getting live telecasts of the Rio Olympics sporting events, it’s all the more crucial to stock your pantry with the most delicious snacks, to tide you over those nail-biting, make-or-break medal-winning moments. Here are team Simply Her’s favourite snacks to munch on as you cheer on our Singapore athletes and favourite teams.

Crunchie Brownie’d brownies

These brownies come 3 flavours (caramel, walnut and chocolate) and are indeed crunchy. You get a burst of sweetness without the squishy mess of a usual brownie.

Available at www.naiise.com, Tangs Orchard or www.facebook.com/crunchiebrownie, $9 for a small bag, $16 for a large bag.

7-Select Sakusaku Corn Cheese

It may sound like a bizarre combination of flavours but we love them. The rich cheesy tang of the crisps aren’t overpowered by the sweetness of the corn.  

Available at 7-Eleven, $3.20

7-Select Mini Coconut Biscuits

These delectable biscuits are not as mini as you think. They’re also big on coconut flavour, further accentuated by the sugary coating on each biscuit.

Available at 7-Eleven, $2.50

Tai Sun Wasabi Peanuts

These pack a spicy sinus-clearing punch and keep you alert for what’s happening in the telecast.

Available at major supermarkets, $1.95

Pantler Almond Chocolates

The roasted almonds coated with rich Belgian chocolate are highly addictive. You’ve been warned.   

Available at Pantler, 198 Telok Ayer Street, and shop.pantler.com.sg, $12.90

Torres Selecta Potato Chips Black Truffle

Potato chips come in every which flavour these days and now… truffle chips! These are rich but not cloying so you’ll eating them down to the last crumb.  

Available at Cold Storage, $7.15

Pocky Strawberry Flavour

These are the cream-coated biscuit sticks we all know and love. We’re just fonder of the subtle and not overly sweet strawberry flavoured one, which tastes like, well, strawberries (as opposed to some snacks that merely pretend).

Available at major supermarkets, $1.20

Calbee Potato Chips Hot & Spicy

Cheap and good is the best way to describe these. You get salty, you get spicy, you get crunchy, thin chips that taste better and better throughout a long sporting event.

Available at major supermarkets, $3.25

Kettle Sea Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips

It’s really rare to find anything that delivers the perfect balance of salty and sour. These chips get our vote for being the best salt and vinegar ones around, packing a delightful thick crunch in every chip.

Available at major supermarkets, $4.95