PHOTO tomwang

Catch some winks
“I take a 10-minute nap when I’m feeling cranky. It’s just enough to clear my mind and does wonders for my mood.”
– Eva Loy, 25, group exercise manager

Build a workspace nest
“I put up photos of my loved ones, and prop up a cushion on my chair so that I feel more comfortable. Flowers on my desk brighten my day too.”
– Jesrine Ang, 45, accounts executive

Make a date
“I arrange a fancy lunch date with my colleagues or friends. Catching up outside the office with good food and a cosy ambience makes the workday more enjoyable.”
– Goh Min Wen, 30, associate professor

Take a chill pill
“I grab small 15-minute breaks throughout the day to do whatever I want, like watching a funny clip on Youtube or browsing through blogshops to de-stress.”
– Angel Foo, 36, administrative assistant

Head for the pantry
“I enjoy making small talk with my colleagues when I meet them in the pantry or at the water cooler. A witty joke or light-hearted banter lifts my spirits.”
– Orry Zhang, 25, teacher

Set a fun goal
“To help me stay motivated and positive at work, I set myself goals and decide on a reward, like a dress I’ve been eyeing or a mini-getaway.”
– May Nilo, 31, group fitness instructor

Munch away
“I snack on something small to cheer up, but I choose healthier alternatives – a piece of dark chocolate for something sweet, or yogurt with berries.”
– Ann Sng, 43, accounts assistant

Let sunshine in
“I leave the curtains wide open and let the light in. A brightly lit room is more cheery, and the scenery makes me want to look away from my screen once in a while.”
– Katherina Branson, 49, preschool principal

This article was originally published in Simply Her January 2014.