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1. Get The Right Footwear

The right footwear makes walking less of a pain – literally, because you’ll avoid blisters. Don’t have shoes that fit the bill? It’s time to go shopping (which in itself will clock those steps!). Look for shoes from that provide stability and adequate cushioning, and go for a reputable brand.

2. Walk Over Instead Of Emailing And Calling

At the office, walk to your colleague’s desk to have a face-to-face conversation instead of calling or emailing him or her. You’ll have fewer emails to deal with too.

3. Use The Stairs Whenever You Can

You can do this if you live in a flat or if your office is in a high-rise. If it’s a case where there are way too many flights of stairs to climb, stop short of your floor when taking the lift and walk up – make it at least 10 floors to make it count.

4. Set Reminders To Move

A smartwatch can help with this as it vibrates to remind you to move whenever you’ve been sitting down for too long. Setting an alarm on your mobile phone will do the trick too if you don’t have a tracker.

5. Look For A Walking Buddy

Walking is more fun if you’re doing it with someone. It could be a colleague, a friend, your kids or your significant other. You can catch up while you walk, and time will fly by.

6. Make It A Routine

Walk at the same time every day – do so around your neighbourhood, at a nearby park, or get off one train stop early and walk home. I like to squeeze in a short 15- to 20-minute evening walk after dinner on weekdays. It aids in digestion, plus you get to catch up with your walking buddy.

7. Play Pokemon Go

This augmented reality game’s popularity might have died down, but Pokemon Go does force you to get out of the house, so be sure to turn the app on now and then. What helps is playing the game at a new location – like a walking trail you haven’t been to.

8. Drink Water Throughout The Day

Sipping on H20 doesn’t just keep you adequately hydrated, it ensures that you get up and walk to the restroom regularly.


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