Milk and Honey Gelato
#01-01/02/03, HometeamNS Bukit Batok, 2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7; #01-179, 86 Bedok North Street 4, tel: 9822-5043.


AMBIENCE: Located in the heartlands. The Bedok outlet features al fresco seats and is a popular spot at night as it opens till late, while the one at Bukit Batok is a petite and quiet spot within a clubhouse.

FLAVOURS TO TRY: Shy Green Nut (Pistachio), Milk and Honey, Cookie Monster (milk and chocolate cookies)

#01-198, 328 Clementi Ave 2, tel: 6255-2868.


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AMBIENCE: Nestled amidst a series of aquarium shops, this (still rather) hidden jem in the West is decked out in bright spots of colours and a cheery vibe.

FLAVOURS TO TRY: Durian, Salted Egg, Chendol

Double Scoops
#01-627, 226A Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, tel: 6452-0208.


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AMBIENCE: This modest-looking gelato café is typical of cafes of the heartland – fuss-free, no-frills décor with industrial leanings. There are not many seats, but it is spacious and fully air-conditioned, making it a comfortable spot to hang out away from the sun.

FLAVOURS TO TRY: Orh Nee (Yam), Earl Grey Lavender, Thai Milk Tea  

Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique
#01-05, 63 East Coast Road, tel: 9678-6092.


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AMBIENCE: There are no seats at this gelato cafe, but you can hang around in the gorgeous botanical-inspired parlour while licking those botanical-inspired ice cream.  

FLAVOURS TO TRY: Strawberry Basil, White Chrysanthemum, Spiced Pear

Gelato Village NTU
NS3 01-16 (The North Spine), 50 Nanyang Ave, tel: 6262-0992.


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AMBIENCE: Is making a trip all the way to ulu NTU worth it just for gelato? We say yes. The space is nothing to shout about, however – there are a couple of seats available if you can snag them before the university kids do. They take their gelato from a reputable Italian gelato supplier. 

FLAVOURS TO TRY: Pistachio, Hazelnut, Salted Egg

#01-5142, 2 Jalan Bukit Merah, tel: 6255-6366.


AMBIENCE: A soothing, Japanese-inspired space with light wood panels and the odd cascading plants located in an old neighbourhood.

FLAVOURS TO TRY: Earl Grey Tie Guan Yin, Strawberry Pocky, Bing Bong (a sweet, creamy indulgent that is similar to the flavours from Paddlepop ice cream)

Alfero Artisan Gelato
#B2-06, Orchard Gateway, tel: 6702-6322; #01-37, 81 Macpherson Lane, tel: 6848-4269.


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AMBIENCE: The black colour scheme makes everything look classy. Illustrations of the Italian landscape help to assure you that you are having authentic Italian gelato. They have an outlet downtown, and another in the heartlands. The latter has more seating.

FLAVOURS TO TRY: Durian, Pistachio, Snow White (milk and honey)

Giovanni L.
#01-01, Fort Canning Arts Centre, 5 Cox Terrace, tel: 6684-5422; #01-05, Parkway Centre, 1 Marine Parade Central, tel: 6348-1093.


AMBIENCE: This German gelateria has two outlets, both of which don’t feature many seating. A gilded palette creates a more luxurious setting than the usual gelato parlours. The Fort Canning Arts Centre one isn’t the most accessible of places, although you do get air-conditioned seating here. The one at Parkway Centre features al fresco seats.

FLAVOURS TO TRY: Ferrero Rocher, After Eight (mint and chocolate), Black Vanilla (rich vanilla flavour that is black because the vanilla beans were incorporated into it)

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