7 types of toxic people to avoid

PHOTOGRAPH: 123rf.com

Who we surround ourselves with is as important as what we do with our lives, as the people around us influence our moods and achievements too. And some people are certainly better for us than others. Here are seven types of toxic people you should avoid.


The Gossip

People who spend their time gossiping are generally insecure. They’re likely to spread vicious stories so they can get the attention they crave.

While it’s fun to listen to gossip every now and then, it’s also a complete waste of time. Plus, it hurts others too –a lot of the time, what you hear isn’t entirely based on fact.


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Put yourself in the shoes of the people being talked about and see how you’d feel if you were the subject of constant gossip. So stop socialising with those who never tire of gossiping.


The Showoff

People who show off do it as they need to proof their worth to themselves, which shows that they don’t think very much of themselves in the first place. So if someone is constantly being showy, they are probably compensating for something.

And if they’re making themselves feel better, either through material possessions or at the expense of others, you don’t want them in your life. The Showoff is also a popular character on social media, so try to mute or unfriend them so you don’t have to be exposed to their unnecessarily showy posts.


The Judge

They never listen to anything you have to say as they’ve already made up their minds about people and situations. They jump to conclusions very quickly, and nothing and nobody is ever good enough for them. They’re also full of negative thoughts and constantly look down on others. They’re often stifling to be with so cut them out of your life now.


The Leech

She’s the friend that’s always borrowing money from you yet never says no to a night out. The leech knows how to get freebies from everyone and doesn’t feel shy about receiving a handout. While it’s good to help out a friend when they’re going through a bad financial patch, it’s a different story altogether if that person isn’t doing anything to get out of her situation.  bCut them out and let them be someone else’s problem instead.


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The Manipulator

This person pretends to be your friend but tends to suck all the energy out of you. They have a hidden agenda and use all the information they have on you against you at some point. Your relationship with them is all about taking, with you doing all the giving. But you may not realise this because they are so good at manipulating you. Sieve them out from your circle of friends and kick them out of your life.


The Self-Absorbed

Have you ever hung out with a friend but felt completely alone as there was no real connection with them? Then you’re spending too much time with a self-absorbed person. It’’s always about them and they only hang out with you so they can feel better about themselves. They talk about themselves all the time and are never interested in how you’re doing or what you’ve been up to. You’re better off alone so stop being friends with them.


The Liar

There’s nothing wrong with the odd white lie here and there but if someone is constantly falsifying the truth, they’re not good company. Every important relationship in life should be built on trust so if you can’t be confident about anything that they say, they’re not good for you. Avoid them at all costs.