All you need is a change in mindset, motivation and better time management

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You’ve either it got or your haven’t.


Some people can whip up the best meal you’ve ever tasted from left-over rice, chili sauce, half a roast chicken, and mushrooms you’re certain have been multiplying in the fridge for over a week.


Others open their kitchen cupboards, recoil at the sight of everything, and head to the nearest hawker centre for ready-made carrot cake. It’s a Singaporean rule that we love our food – and love it we do – but cooking up amazing dishes with enjoyment and skill every time?


Not so much.


If you’re someone who considers M&Ms nutritious due to their oily nut content and bubble milk tea an essential part of your diet because – well – milk, then please read on.


Unless you want your bones, teeth, hair, skin – and bank balance – to fall apart, quit your cannot-cook excuses, dust off that apron and start showing your oven some care.


Excuse #1 “I’m Too Busy To Cook”

Bah. This is perhaps the most overused excuse on the planet (apart from ‘I’ve got a headache’ – hehe!) and the more we say it, the more we believe it. We all live crazy lives, but with a little shift in mindset and some re-adjusting of your priorities you can fit cooking in. First, be realistic. Don’t begin with a gastro-feast fit for CNY. Start small with cupcakes or biscuits as soon as you get in from work instead of flopping in front of Descendants of the Sun. You’ll get a sense of satisfaction, and even if they turn out to be terrible, we can guarantee that your husband, mother-in-law or your dog will wolf them down.


Excuse #2 “I Haven’t Got The Utensils!”

Come on, people! Get yourself to Spotlight, Seng Siong supermarket – to your next-door Auntie – this claim is not going to wash with us (or anyone).


Excuse #3 “I Hate Grocery Shopping”

We understand it’s not as much fun as dress shopping, but there are loads of delivery services that can cut the stress for you., and all have wide selections that’re sent straight to your doorstep. Huber’s Butchery ( delivers cut meats and SuperNature ( cater for organic fans (with bulging wallets). For fresh produce, local wet markets will always win the gam. If you despise the crowds go early in the morning. Even better if you pop by after an exercise class as your brain will already be programmed into health-mode.


Excuse #4 “I Never Know What To Make”

Seriously? (ie this very site) posts daily recipe ideas, tips and easy tricks – all tried and tested by the Simply Her team.


Excuse #5 “My Kitchen Isn’t Big Enough”

What is it full of? Shoes?! You don’t need a large space to cook. With the right tools and appliances you’ll be astounded by how you can manage.


* Use your stove as a countertop

Simply lay a chopping board or a plain, clean wooden board, over the top of your stove for a sturdy surface.


* Invest in a folding table

This can be hidden away and brought out for essential occasions and instant extra space.


*Don’t get fancy

Don’t dabble in your first Laksa. Choose a simple dish that requires little creativity and trouble. Otherwise, your squeezy cooking spot with just end up with you getting mad and throwing the table out of the window (read: illegal).


* Think about storage

Not the sexiest of subjects, but a few adjustments like adding hooks on the walls, fitting a draining board above your sink (as opposed to next to it) and ditching knick-knacks that do nothing but gather dust will tidy your kitchen and your meal-making mind. Maintaining a fuss-free space will mentally encourage you to get busy. If you’re faced with constant mess you’ll be heading straight for McDonalds. You know it’s true.


Excuse #6 “I’m Just Rubbish”

So, you tried to do a Chicken Tikka Masala in the past and discovered you are no Violet Oon. Practice makes perfect for everything in life, and the process of learning is part of the pleasure. Don’t beat yourself up and enjoy the journey. You’ll be hosting your own dinner parties in no time…


Excuse #7 “I Don’t Have The Motivation…”

Joe Wicks ­­– aka The Body Coach – is a personal trainer and nutritionist taking the entire world by storm with his #LeanIn15 plan of achievable, easy meals. Cook together with him on Instagram @thebodycoach. If Joe and his satisfied customers don’t inspire you to pack in your pleas, we don’t know what will…


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