1. Instead of potato chips


Go for lotus chips!

You can get some delicious ones from 5Tapas or make them in your air fryer at home through this recipe

2. Instead of mayonnaise in your burger

Go for avocado!

Plenty of avocado spread recipes floating around, some people think it tastes better than mayonnaise!

3. Instead of pizza flour

Go for a cauliflower base!

Perfect carb-replacement ingredient! Check out this recipe for a cauliflower-based pizza.

4. Instead of ice cream

Go for frozen banana puree.

It tastes just as good and is very healthy! It’s an easy way to make use of overripe bananas too. Here’s a recipe to try.

5. Instead of sour cream

go for greek yogurt.

This can be used as a direct substitute for sour cream because whole-milk Greek yogurt has roughly the same texture and flavour to regular sour cream. Just be careful when you use it for sauces, because it has less fat, it curdles easily. Keep the temperature low or add it closer towards to completion of your sauce.

6.     Instead of croutons

go for nuts

You can use pine nuts, cashews, crushed almonds, walnuts and other different nuts as a healthy replacement for fried bread. 

7. Instead of cream or sugar in your coffee

go for cinnamon.

Not only do you save several calories by replacing cream, you get a couple of health benefits from the spice. It also helps boost your immune system!