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Our expert:

Physician Ng Ying Shi from NTU Chinese Medicine Clinic

1. Lemons, Limes and Sour Plums – In TCM, sour foods will affect the ease of the flow of a period.

2. Grass Jelly, Gui Ling Gao Jelly (or Turtle Jelly) – This is a common cooling food that women should avoid during menses.

3. Fried food, Curry – Although these are considered “heaty” food, they are too rich and not easily digestible, thereby increasing the load of your body to cope during period.


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4. Green tea (regardless hot or cold) – This is also considered a cooling food.

5. Alcohol – This has blood circulating properties in TCM, which may cause your period to come earlier or you to have heavier flow.

6. Crabs – TCM also considers this crustecean a cooling food.

7. Iced or chilled food such as ice kacang, ice jelly and ice cream – iced and cold foods will cause the uterus muscles to contract more, which may in turn lead to bad cramps.