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 During pregnancy you want to be as comfortable as possible while your body is changing. There are certain items that simply aren’t practical while you’re pregnant, whereas others will not only keep you comfy but also make you look and feel good too.

What to wear when you're pregnant

So stay stylish during your pregnancy: be equipped with these essential items for your maternity wardrobe.

1. Simple accessories

Just because you’re wearing maternity clothes doesn’t mean you have to lose your sense of style. Simple, no-fuss clothing tends to be the preferred option during pregnancy, but accessorising and sprucing up your look doesn’t have to mean being adorned with impractical spangles and bangles from head to toe. Patterned scarves can add detail to a simple tee and a fabric necklace with a pretty pendant can add interest to a plain outfit without feeling ‘too much’. In the summer, statement sunglasses can add oomph to the simplest of outfits, or why not treat yourself to a bold bag? The key to accessorising without feeling trussed up is to choose slightly more stylish versions of the essentials you would wear anyway – two birds, one stone.

2. Support leggings or tights

Invest in a few pairs of maternity tights and leggings as they’re so versatile and can make putting outfits together so much easier. There aren’t many items of clothing that are both comfortable (oh-so-comfortable in this case) and trendy. Leggings or tights look sleek as they’re figure-hugging, but the stretchy fabric means that you can comfortably wear them all day. An otherwise impractical floaty dress or a tunic that wouldn’t be comfortable to wear with jeans can be worn with leggings or tights for a comfy yet feminine outfit.

3. Wraparound dress

Wraparound dresses are flattering on a curvy body with a bump. Their stretchy fabric means that they fit your shape like a glove and allows for ease of movement – particularly handy towards the end of your pregnancy when that extra weight makes moving around a little more difficult. A simple wraparound dress is so versatile as it can be worn with a patterned scarf and flat ankle boots for a casual daytime look, or you can transform it into a smarter look with accessories, wedges and patterned tights.

4. Jumper dress
Snuggle up in an easy-to-wear jumper dress which only needs a pair of leggings and boots to turn it into an outfit. Their knitted patterns and cowl necks mean you can get forget fussy accessories if you want to, as the detail is already there.  Also, for those occasions when you really would rather just stay at home or can’t be bothered getting dressed up (we don’t blame you for wanting to live in baggy jumpers), you can throw on a jumper dress and feel contented and relaxed but still go out to see friends.

5. Kaftan or tunic
For the warmer months when you want to feel as cool as a cucumber (well, as cool as you can be with a little one growing inside you – things can definitely get hot!) you need something that’s going to cover you up to prevent sunburn, but keep you feeling breezy. A linen kaftan or soft cotton tunic are summer pregnancy must-haves. Team with some loose, linen trousers or lightweight cotton chinos. Many kaftans and tunics are embroidered or embellished so you can keep it simple with no jewellery – a bonus in the heat.

6. Good quality underwear
If you only buy a few new items for your pregnancy wardrobe, then choose underwear. You can get away with throwing on your partner’s baggy clothes or your comfy gym pants, but when it comes to underwear you need good quality, supportive and extra comfortable items. Speak to a member of staff in the lingerie department to find the bra shape that’s right for you, then be sure to try several shapes and fits on before making a selection. With your breasts changing throughout your pregnancy you need bras that are going to cause no discomfort and that will support you correctly. Soft and properly fitting knickers are a must-have too – treat yourself to some new, larger pairs just to give you that extra comfort.

7. Comfortable footwear
With swollen feet and the extra weight of your baby, you need shoes that are going to stand the test of pregnancy. Sturdy and supple are the key things you should be looking out for – flimsy shoes risk tripping you up and rigid shoes will cause if your feet swell. Sneakers such as Converse are the perfect everyday shoe for wearing with your maternity jeans; cushion sole ballet pumps are ideal for teaming with a dress; sensible sandals that stay put such as Birkenstocks or those with a back strap; and small wedged heels are great for an evening out. parenting solutions

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