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Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la! The ebullient season of Christmas finally found the corner. And there is no better way to spend this jovial holiday season than at one of these gorgeous Christmas markets!

Nuremberg, Germany


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The Nuremberg Christmas Market is undoubtedly Germany’s most anticipated Christmas market. Every year, about than 180 wooden stalls will be opened to visitors from all across the world. Be mesmerised by this traditional Christmas market, with enticing aromas of mulled wine and rum punch that is set to warm you up during the chilly winter. Feast on delicious roasted almonds, gingerbread and not forgetting, Nuremberg’s bratwurst!

Experience a truly traditional Christmas market right here in Nuremberg!

Budapest, Hungary

The festive spirit is clearly evident all around the city with Budapest’s Christmas Market located right in the heart of the city. This annual event draws numerous visitors each year, with hundreds of stalls set up around a massive Christmas tree that is decorated in different colours each year. Its wooden pavilions offer quality folk trinkets, Hungarian Christmas decorations and gifts. Indulge in local Hungarian specialities such as sweet pastries, roasted chestnuts and Kürtőskalács – also known as the chimney cake due to its shape.

With regular outdoor performances, folk dances and even puppet shows, be delightfully entertained at Budapest’s Christmas market!

Chicago, Illinois, United States


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Chicago’s Christmas Market is the largest outdoor Christmas market and the most-raved about every year in the United States! Bringing together the German and European Christmas tradition with an international flair and local charm to Chicago, it offers a truly unique Christmas market experience! Offering exquisite gifts and crafts, alongside traditional German food and drinks, it is no wonder this annual year-end event attracts over a million visitors each year!

Immerse yourself in truly diverse Christmas environment here in Chicago!

Stockholm, Sweden


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Stockholm ‘Old Town’ Christmas Market clearly does not disappoint every year! There is always something here for everyone – from delicious Swedish traditional Christmas smorgasbord and smoked reindeer to Swedish handicrafts and outdoor entertainment. Weave your way through the colourful maze of the medieval old town and be mesmerised by the beautiful Christmas lights and decorations.

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Hong Kong, China


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Hong Kong might not be a traditional Christmas destination, but this festive holiday is still elegantly celebrated in this Asian city! Hong Kong WinterFest is when the streets and buildings come alive with sparkly Christmas decorations, carolers along the streets and even extravagant displays of fireworks! While Hong Kong might not offer traditional Christmas delicacies, the shops typically offer seasonal discounts and incredible offers to make up for what they lack. So shop, eat, drink and be merry here in Hong Kong!

Bath, England


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Soak up the magic and romance of Christmas at the historic city of Bath! The Bath Christmas Market is located in the snug streets around Bath Abbey and the Roman Baths, with over a hundred wooden stalls selling handmade gifts. Nearly all of the items on sale are produced locally or by local suppliers, such as ceramic and glassware. Refuel yourself with the delicious food the likes of Yuletide nibbles, and drinks before heading to the ice rink. It is time for some rosy cheeks and merry fun!

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