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1. The Fabulous Baker Boy

Located at The Foothills Fort Canning Park, the Fabulous Baker Boy serves brunch until 3 pm daily, and they also have 26 flavours of cakes and tarts (Check out their Diva Series with yummy cakes named after your favourite songstresses!).

We love the ambience of this place and their chilli crab mac and cheese.  


2. JustAcia

Whether you’re craving for ramen, udon, spaghetti, or dishes with rice, you’re bound to find something to ease that rumbling in your tummy at JustAcia.

And the best thing is, their set meals comes with a free flow of soft drink float, cappuccino and ice-cream!


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3. Griddy

Tucked away in Jurong East at Westgate and known for their sweet and savoury waffles (we’re talking about S’mores waffles, Over The Rainbow waffle, Wagyu Beef Yakiniku waffle, Barbequed Chicken with Turkey Bacon waffle, Battered chicken and waffle, Salted egg yolk and caramel waffle, and more), this place also serves a good selection of pasta dishes. 

Plus, Griddy refreshes its menu every few months, so there’s always something new to try. 


4. Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks

Featuring popular snacks from the alleys of Taiwan’s night markets such as crispy chicken, crispy floss egg crepe, sweet plum potato fries and seafood tempura, this place is a great choice if you need to eat on the go.

But you can also get a Happy! Ricebox Set to make it a meal. 


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5. Rattana Thai Restaurant

If you’re into spicy Thai food, head over to the hearts of the business district for some Lemon Chili Squid or Tom Yam Soup, but you can also tone down the spiciness with dishes such as Pad Thai and Pandan Leaf Chicken.

You can also ask for vegetarian options if you want a meatless meal.


6. Rocky Master

With a menu that covers breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea and coffee breaks, Rocky Master’s cosmopolitan menu includes Western and local favourites. (We personally like their quesadillas.)

Certain items such as pasta, pizza, pie, sandwiches and soup are also meat-free.


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