Level 3, 73 Kim Yam Road, tel: 6334-3306.
HOW MUCH $35 for a drop-in class; $320 for a 10-class package.
WHAT IT IS An upbeat yoga-dance fusion class that intersperses short dance segments with sun salutations.
OUR EXPERIENCE Kicking off with breathing exercises and sun salutations, the instructor, Gretel, moved on to the first dance sequence before resuming sun salutations. After demonstrating four separate sequences, Gretel put them together to form one fluid “performance”. This mixed-level class requires a fair bit of coordination and basic yoga experience, which will make it easier to keep up with and move through the poses. The dance moves Ð which included floating one leg up gracefully or balancing on your toes – call for a certain level of strength and balance. The class gave me a whole new perspective on yoga. – Cheryl Leong, consumer & lifestyle writer

WHERE #02-01 The Herencia, 46 Kim Yam Road, tel: 6702-2584.
HOW MUCH $20 for a drop-in class; $300 for unlimited yoga and conditioning classes for each eight-week term.
WHAT IT IS A gentle class that involves mostly stretching (with the use of a pole to guide your body into a deeper stretch), some conditioning exercises and fun beginner pole spins.
OUR EXPERIENCE First, Hanna, the instructor, took me through breathing exercises and stretches for the sides, shoulders and back. She then made me work my core with the plank pose and sit-ups; to strengthen my wrists and arms, I did practice handstands, using the pole as support and “walking” halfway up it. Hanna constantly tweaked my alignment to make sure I was working the right muscles and to push me into deeper, longer stretches. As someone who practises yoga, I expected this to be a piece of cake, but I was mistaken – I was perspiring by the end of the class. – Cheryl

WHERE #02-01, 104 Amoy Street, tel: 6423-9913.
HOW MUCH $39 for a drop-in class; $299 for a 10-class package.
WHAT IT IS A progressive class that’s great for both newbies or seasoned yogis. Rope yoga, or Yoga Kurunta, as it’s traditionally known, uses sturdy ropes hanging against a wall to aid you in the poses. The ropes provide added support, so you can stretch further and hold poses longer.  
OUR EXPERIENCE The instructor, Krishna, had us perform about 10 minutes of sun salutations to rev up our engines. Then came the fun part: using the ropes to get into – and hold – various poses, such as the wheel and downward dog, for a good, long stretch. Being new to yoga, I was initially apprehensive about some of the inversions, but Krishna showed me how to use the ropes to support my body and I had no trouble getting into them. Given that I’m not very flexible, I particularly enjoyed how the ropes helped ease the tightness in my back and shoulders, and made me feel more limber. – Delle Chan, features writer

WHERE For class locations and schedules, call 8133-7486 or go to  
HOW MUCH $25 for a drop-in class; $190 for a 10-class package.
WHAT IT IS Yoga with a cardio twist, Taba-yoga is a fast-paced interval workout that involves planks, crunches, push-ups, burpees and squats, done in quick bursts, much like High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).
OUR EXPERIENCE The instructor, Natasha, got our hearts pumping with a few rounds of sun salutations. Then, the first set of intervals involved doing squats, burpees and mountain climbers, for about 20 seconds each, followed by 10 seconds of rest, before returning to sun salutations. Ten minutes in and I could feel my muscles burning, but I managed to last another three sets. A challenging total-body workout, this routine will surely improve your fitness quickly. – Cheryl

WHERE For class locations and schedules, go to
HOW MUCH Prices vary across studios, call to enquire.
WHAT IT IS Founded two years ago by yoga practitioner Amanda Koh, Kalari Yoga is a form of flow yoga – practised against a backdrop of soothing music – that was inspired by the idea of creating fluid, circular motions as you move through the poses.
OUR EXPERIENCE Despite it being a flow class, which tends to be fast-paced and vigorous, this was a relaxing experience thanks to the calming flute music that set an almost meditative tone for the session. Amanda moved through the basic yoga poses – think sun salutations, warrior, child’s pose and general stretching – for a good 60-minute workout that left me feeling pleasantly invigorated. – Delle

Roll your work(out) aches away
Developed by practitioner and healer Yamuna Zake, Yamuna Body Rolling is a type of self-massage using special balls of different sizes and densities to get into the nooks and crannies of the body. Over time, it helps ease knots and lengthen muscles. My session with instructor Mary Beth focused on tension in the neck, back and shoulders – common problems for those with desk-bound jobs. Lying on the balls and pressing into them with each inhalation and exhalation, I could feel most of the tightness melting away as I rolled up from my glutes, up the length of my back and all the way to my neck. I felt lighter and more relaxed after. – Cheryl

Yamuna Body Rolling by Paradigm Wellness. #03-53 Nankin Row, 3 Pickering Street, tel: 8383-6834.

This article was originally published in Simply Her July 2015.