With Valentine’s Day a day away, it’s time to whip out the last minute surprises!

Maybe you were too busy to plan a special day out, or maybe all the hotels have been booked and they only place you can go… is home. Well then no worries. Here’s some ideas you can whip out for a fun stay at home.

1. Nerf Gun War

Surprise your husband with a shoot-out in the house. Take things back to your first few years of dating with this slightly childish, but very fun adventure! Build a pillow fort in your bed for an additional game… if you know what I mean *winky face*

2. Cook for the husband

The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his belly. Here’s some of our favourite manly recipes:
Burger made with fried rice 
Perfect roasted pork 
Mouth-watering briyani 
Coffee-scented Pulled Pork and Vegetable Pie 
Pandan Madelines 
– Chocolate Mousse 

3. Treasure hunt at home

Leave a series of post-it hints and notes around the home and lead the husband to a cool present!

4. Early morning stars

Image: ST Graphics
These 5 planets will be visible early in the morning till 20 February, so take a short trip to the eastern part of Singapore to catch the view. East Coast Park is still the best option according this this Straits Times article

5. Join your other half doing his favourite thing like gaming or jamming or even watching sports

My other half is constantly urging me to learn the different football moves. If your other half is the same, why not surprise him with the knowledge you have of his favourite topic! Surprise him with a football match, or a round on his favourite game.

6. Go for a drive-through movie

Citroen has planned for a movie drive-in event, screening French romance film, Priceless, staring Audrey Tatou. You can read more about it here: http://www.psiloveyou.sg/ Stop by for a quick movie or join in the mini fun fair! If you miss out on a spot, you’re well equipped to know what to look for next year!