LEG SPINNERS: Sculpt your abs

Lie flat on your bed and lift both your legs at a straight, 45 deg angle. Tuck both hands under your bum, and spin your legs in a clockwise direction while keeping them as straight as possible. Make 5 circles in a clockwise direction and 5 circles in an anti-clockwise direction.

BRIDGE POSE: Strengthen your back and butt

Lie flat on the ground with your legs at a 90 deg angle your feet on thr floor. Bring your arms to your side, and if possible touch your heels. Lift your pelvis off the ground, stay and hold in this position for 30 secs. Do this 5 times.

SIDE KICK: Works your legs, core, butt hip s and thighs

Lie on your side and rest your head on your outstretched hand. Keep your body in on straight line, and lift your leg up towards the ceiling. Bring it down and you’re done wiht one rep. Do 15 reps on both sides. So in total you should have done 30 reps.

PLANKING: Works your core and arms

Lie flat on your stomach, then lift yourself off the bed, supporting your body weight on the tips of your toes and on your forearms. Stay in this position for 30s before repeating three more times. If possible, suspend one leg off the ground for 15s before switching to the other leg for the remaining 15s. 

Repeat this sequence twice and you’re done!