5 things you need to avoid to make your period more bearable

PHOTOGRAPH: 123rf.com

Having your period isn’t the best feeling in the world, it comes with inconvenience, pendulum mood swings and for some women, excruciating cramps that could last for the whole day. However it is unfortunately, an unavoidable monthly cycle that we all have to go through. Here are some things you could be doing that’s making your period feel worse than it already is.


1. Binging on salty, fatty foods

Yes, having a period often comes with a montrous appetite especially for foods that are loaded with oil and sugar. These could make your bloating and cramps feel even worse as salty foods tend to increase water retention and make you feel more bloated. Consuming fatty foods also increases the production of chemicals that cause your uterus to contract, effectively meaning render-to-bed cramps.


2. Loading up on caffeine

We often don’t notice how much cups of coffee we jug when we’re busy but caffeine causes vasoconsctriction, which decreases the blood supply to the muscles of the uterus. To lessen the chances of your menstrual cramps getting worse, try cutting down on your usual intake during your period.


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3. Not getting enough sleep

When you don’t sleep enough, you body releases more of the stress hormone cortisol which affects the gland that regulates your hormones. With imbalanced hormones, you could get irregular periods that negatively affects your cycle.


4. Wearing the wrong bra

Some women experience breast pains during their periods due to hormonal changes. If you feel that your breast is tender and sore during your period, make sure you wear a bra that’s well-fitted and comes with good support. A good example would be a sports bra that can help prevent any additional discomfort throughout the day.


5. Intensive exercise

Of course, we don’t mean skipping out on your regular workout routines. But if you are perhaps, training for a marathon or at a exercise bootcamp while on your period, this could affect your hormones leading to irregular menstrual cycles.

This article was originally published on Shape.com.sg.